Little Things

Courtney is just your normal teenager, but she has a secret. When Louis Tomlinson, the new exchange student, finds out will he love her all the same?


4. "it's alright..."

{Courtney’s POV}


The new kid puts all his papers and binders on his desk. I notice the beaten up notebook he was writing in earlier. I don’t understand why he has so many papers….it’s his first day! I move my book bag over on my desk so he has more room. He looks up at me and blushes.


“Oh, sorry” he says and grabs his papers. He hastily shoves his papers into his book bag and runs a hand through his hair.


“It’s alright” I shrug and tell him. “I’m Courtney by the way…” I awkwardly tell him, mainly because I wanted to keep talking to him. His accent was really cool. I’m guessing he’s from England. I pull out my math papers again to try to get them finished before class.


“I’m Louis” he politely responds, “I’m the exchange student from Doncaster.”


“That explains the accent!” I laugh awkwardly. I mentally faceplate myself. Seriously Court?! Ugh. Luckily he just laughed and went back to writing in the notebook from earlier. I tapped my pencil against my leg, trying to think of a new topic to talk about. I really liked hearing him talk, it was kind of soothing in a way. 


“What class do you have first?” I ask, cringing at my voice crack. He didn’t notice, or if he did he ignored that. Thanks gosh because that would’ve been so embarrassing!


“Ummm” he pulled out his schedule from his pocket and glanced at it, “Science with Dr. Heff.” He folded the paper back up and slipped in into his pocket where it was just moments before.


“Same!” I smiled “You’re going to hate the teacher by the way, he’s the worst” I laugh. He laughed along with me. The bell rang and everyone grabbed their books and headed out. 


I slip my book bag on my shoulder and am the last person out of the class. My brain was full of thoughts of the new kid. He was really funny and nice to talk to. Then I remembered who I was, and that he’d never hang out with a girl like me. In no time at all he will figure out all about me and want nothing to do with me. I pulled my sleeves down over my hands and put my head down as I walk, silently hoping that no one notices me. I was surprised, though, when I heard someone call my name in the halls. I froze dead in my tracks and then I heard it again.



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