Little Things

Courtney is just your normal teenager, but she has a secret. When Louis Tomlinson, the new exchange student, finds out will he love her all the same?


7. "i need more dreams and less life..."

{Courtney’s POV}


The bell rings to signify class has ended and I grabbed my things and was the first one out of the room. I didn’t want Louis to ask me for help finding his next class.


I quickly walked to the Geometry room, careful not to run into anyone. 4th period is definitely my favorite class. I like math but what really makes this class my favorite is the teacher, Mr. Brown. He is the best.


I make it to the room and see Mr. Brown trying to set up the projector. The lights are all out so I assume we get to watch a movie or something in class, which means he isn’t actually going to teach us today.


“Well, Ms. Courtney, you’re here early” he looks up and sees me place my stuff down on my desk.


“Shut up, Wade. What are we watching?” I sit on top of my desk and gesture to the projector.


“Halloween break is coming up and I know you kids won’t actually remember anything I teach because you’re too busy thinking about it, so we are just watching some video about the history of Halloween” he says and turns on the lights.


I sit down and watch the other students file in. Mr. Brown explains to the class what we are doing and turns the lights off again so we can see better.


“All I ask is that you’re not loud” he says making his way back to his desk, “and no making out in the dark!” He eyes the kids sitting in the back.


“Ohh way to tell ‘em Wade” I laugh as he sits in his desk which is next to mine.


“Shh I said no talking” he looks at me. That just makes me laugh more.


“Shut up, Wade”.


“Shut up, Courtney”.


I put my head down on my desk and close my eyes. Usually when we watch videos in his class I either talk to him or sleep. I didn’t get much sleep last night, so I plan on taking a nap this period and next period. Next period was band and we never do anything in that class. I was just about to fall asleep when the sound of the door opening woke me. I ignored it and tried to fall back asleep. Footsteps made their way to Mr. Brown’s desk.


“Sorry I’m late...I’m new and I had some trouble finding the room…” I heard a voice say. My body froze. I didn’t dare lift my head from my desk because I knew exactly who is was.


“Not a problem; we are just watching a movie today, so feel free to sit wherever you want” Mr. Brown told Louis.


“Um, may I use the restroom first?” Louis asked.


“Take the pass; it’s the second door down the hall” Mr. Brown replied.


“Thanks” Louis said and I heard his footsteps walk towards the door. I bang my head on the desk and let out a small groan.


“Everything alright, Court?” Mr. Brown asked me, genuinely concerned. I lifted my head up from the desk, my hair covering my face.


“Never better” I smiled sarcastically.

Eventually I drifted back to sleep but my dreams weren’t comforting. I had one of my recurring dreams. I wouldn’t technically call it a nightmare, but it sure as hell wasn’t a good dream. I was falling. I reach out in front of me to try to grab something, anything. I feel someone’s hand attempt to grab me, but my hand slips free of theirs. I never see their face. I continue falling and right before I hit the ground, I wake up.

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