Little Things

Courtney is just your normal teenager, but she has a secret. When Louis Tomlinson, the new exchange student, finds out will he love her all the same?


6. "give me therapy, i'm a walking travesty..."

{Courtney’s POV}


“Are you sure she’s okay?”


“She passed out and hit her head pretty hard, but I’m sure she will be fine.”


Next comes the sound of sneakers hitting the ground and heavy breathing.


“I’m here, I’m here! Is she okay?!”


“Like I was telling this young man, she should be fine.”


My eyes flicker open and I’m immediately hit by the bright lights in the nurse’s office. I try to sit up,  but the pain in my head is too much to bear.


“Ughh” I groan shutting my eyes again and rubbing my temples, my sorry attempt to sooth my throbbing headache.


“Court!” Tara rushed to my side, “Jesus, what the hell did you do?” She couldn’t contain her laughter and let out a few giggles.


“Fuck off. I hit my head” I chuckled.


“Language!” The nurse yelled at me, causing my head to basically explode.


“Ow! Holy crap” I groaned again. Tara walked passed the nurse and grabbed me an ice pack for my head, which I gladly accepted. I sit up in the little bed thingy and notice the other person in the room.


“Hi” I say and give a small smile.


“Hi” Louis responded, returning the small smile. An awkward silence fell for a few seconds before Tara spoke up and broke it.


“I’m Court’s friend, Tara” she said and smiled, “and you’re…?”


“Louis. Louis Tomlinson. I’m the new exchange student” he replied and shook her hand.


The nurse walked back into the room, took my temperature, check my eyesight, and decided that I was okay to go back to class.


“What period is it?” I asked.


“3rd. I would’ve been here during 2nd period but I had a stupid test and the teacher wouldn’t let me go” Tara sighed, “Shit that reminds me, Mrs. T thinks I went to the bathroom! Gotta run! SEE YOU AT LUNCH!” She turned and sprinted down the hall to her class. I turn to see Louis silently laughing at Tara.


“Thanks for waiting with me, but you know you didn’t have to…” I told him and looked down at my boots.


He stuffs his hands into his pockets and gives a little sigh. “I wanted to,” he says and looks at me. “I wanted to make sure you were okay”.


I can literally feel my heart flutter at his statement. That wasn’t a good thing. Suddenly, I remember why I fainted in the first place. I don’t want to get my hopes up only to have them shatter around me. Even though, I still find myself blushing at his statements. Oh God, I’m a mess.


“Thanks,” I finally say. I run my fingers through my hair and place my hands in my back pockets. “Do you, um, need help finding your next class?”


He nods his head and smiles. He pulls his schedule out of his pocket and eyes it over before telling me he has Enlgish.


Just fucking great.

“Oh, me too” I offer a fake smile. I lead the way to the English room. How am I supposed to distance myself from this boy if we have this many classes together? It’s not like I’m intentionally trying to ignore him, I just don’t want to get hurt. I also don’t want him to be unhappy. If we become friends, he might think he has to stay with me. I wouldn’t want that.


I open the door to the English room and all eyes turn to me. They barely acknowledge me but it’s enough to make my breathing uneven. I walk straight to the teacher’s desk and put mine and Louis’ late passes on it. I sit in my seat in the corner of the room and silently get my things out.


Mrs. Smith assigns Louis a seat in the front of the room, which is far enough away from me. Thank goodness. As he turns to sit down he looks me in the eye and I immediately look away, dropping my gaze to my notebook.

As class drones on, I find myself not listening to the teacher, but instead daydreaming of the new boy.

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