Little Things

Courtney is just your normal teenager, but she has a secret. When Louis Tomlinson, the new exchange student, finds out will he love her all the same?


8. "backseat serenade, dizzy hurricane, oh god i'm sick of sleeping alone..."

{Courtney’s POV}


The rest of the day droned on as usual. Louis and I have almost the exact same schedule, which will make it hard if I’m trying to distance myself from him. The only two classes we don’t have together are study hall and our music electives. I take band and he takes chorus. I feel like a bitch for just ignoring him, but it will be better for him in the long run.


The bell rings to let me know that the school day is over and I couldn’t be happier. This day has seemed to last forever. All I want to do is go home and sleep.


I put my books in my locker and turn to leave. The sun is out and as soon as I step outside I’m sweating. Ugh, I love the sun but does it really have to be this hot? I roll up the sleeves of my sweater and tie my hair up. Not only is it hot out, but I have to walk home in this heat. Just great.


I’m about halfway to my house when I realise I forgot my house keys in my locker.


“Are you FUCKING kidding me!?” I yell at myself. Now I have to walk all the way back or I can wait in the sun for three hours until one of my parents gets home. If I wait at home, I will get yelled at by my parents for being forgetful and disobedient or something like that, but if I walk back to the school, I will get even more sweaty than I already am.


“FUCK!” I groan as I turn around and head back towards the school. Being all sweaty is better than getting yelled at I guess. I just wish it wasn’t so freaking hot out!


The hallways are all empty now and there’s a weird silence in the school. The only sound is the clicking of my boots against the floor and the sound of the copying machine in the teachers’ lounge. I grab my keys and my geometry notebook out of my locker. I figured I could use the studying if Mr. Brown isn’t going to teach us anything for a few days. As I turn the corner, I collide with another person.


They grab my hand to keep me from falling and pull me up. When I look up to see who saved me, I see those damn sky blue eyes staring right back at me. His eyes flick down to our hands, which were still together, and I realised that my scars were showing. I quickly pulled my hand away and dropped down to gather all my fallen papers.


“Um, thanks” I said, avoiding his gaze as I continue to pick up my papers. He bends down to help me and I tug my sleeves back down.


“It’s, uh, not a problem” he awkwardly replied, still trying to make eye contact with me. He handed me my papers and muttered a quick “here” before going silent again.


I say a quick ‘thank you’ before walking away at a very quick pace. I can feel my face burning red with embarrassment. When I’m outside, my eyes start stinging with tears. I quickly shove everything into my bookbag and realise that I must’ve dropped my keys when I fell.


“Courtney!” I hear Louis yell and I whip around to see him jogging towards me. He slows down once he gets close to me and holds out my keys. “Did you drop these?”


I grab them and give him a tiny smile. “Yeah, thanks”.


He shoves his hands in his pockets and looks around the parking lot. “Is your car here?” he asks me.


I must’ve zoned out staring at his face. “What? Oh, um, no I walk to school” I tell him. His eyes widen a bit and he looks at me.


“Would you like a ride?” he offers. He nods his head in the direction of the car that I’m guessing is his.


“No” I say a little too quickly, “I mean, no thanks; I’m fine walking” I let out a fake laugh.


“It’s not a problem! Plus, it’s really hot out. It won’t kill you if I give you a ride” he chuckles and starts leading the way to his car. What he doesn’t know is that it might just kill me. I might get attached to him and that would result in me getting hurt. Even though, I don’t have much of a choice but to follow him.


He opens the passenger side door for me and I silently get in.


“Where do you live?” He asks when he gets in the driver’s seat.


“James Street. The house on the corner.” I tell him. He turns on the radio and “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy starts to play. I smile to myself and drum my fingers on my knee. I guess he notices because he smiles.


“What kind of music do you like?” He attempts small talk.


I shrug. “Everything from Nirvana to My Chemical Romance” I tell him.


“Greenday?” He asks with his eyes still on the road.


“Of course!” I can’t help the smile that creeps on to my face. Music always makes me smile.


We pull up to my house and I’m both relieved and upset. I’m relieved because all I want to do is lay in my bed. I’m sad because I found myself starting to enjoy the conversation. I grab my backpack and open the door.


“Thank you” I say.


“No problem!” He says from the driver side. I’m about to close the door when he says my name. “Courtney?”




“If you ever need can always talk to me, okay?” he says to me. I can feel my body go cold at his statement.


“Yeah, okay” I tell him and start to close the door again. He sticks out his hand to keep to door from closing.


“I’m serious” he tells me and hands me a slip of paper, “If you ever need someone or just want to talk, call me”. I nod my head and take the slip of paper.


“Thank you,” I whisper. “I’ll see you tomorrow I guess?” I tell him.


“Yeah” he responds, “and don’t worry about it. I’ll see ya”.


“See ya” I say and shut the door for real this time. He pulls away and I start walking up my front steps to unlock the door. Once inside, I set my bad on the floor and lean my back on the door. I slide down until I’m sitting on the floor with my knees to my chest.

This boy has my heart racing and my mind in chaos.

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