He's the one

Grace Mathews is abused, she has been for as long as she can remember, but she keeps this from anyone who asks about the bruises or scars all over her body. So when Grace wins backstage passes to a one direction concert she couldn't have been more happy. But what happens when one of the band members falls head over heals for Grace and she can finally tell her biggest secret to the boys. There will be love, regret, tears, and betrayal. What will happen? Find out In he's the one.


5. Please be mine

Nialls POV
What? I said very confused. Grace looked at me and smiled lightly. I like you too Niall. These words meant everything to me! Finally! The girl of my dreams liked me back! I quickly stood up and wrapped my arms around her waist. She locked her hands around my neck. Grace Elese Mathews, would you please do the honors of meting my girlfriend I asked her, my heart racing at a mile a minute. I would lovethat Niall James Horan she said to me. I leaned in until our foreheads were touching. All I could do was smile like a maniac. What are you doing?!?! I thought to myself, KISS HER!! With that thought I closed the gap between us. When our lips met it felt like fireworks going off. I couldn't have been more happy right now!
Graces POV - OH. MY. FREAKING. GOD. THE NIALL JAMES HORAN IS NOW MY BOYFRIEND, AND NOW WE ARE KISSING. Sweet mother of god, the things this boy does to me. When we broke apart he called the boys and told them that we would be back In a minute and that he had an announcement to make. I smiled at the thought of him being mine. Hopefully forever. when we got back to the room me and Niall were holding hands and all of the boys were looking at us confused, I had to bite my lip not to break into a huge smile. Liam was the first to Speak up. ummmmmm Niall? Yes? Niall responded. Do you mind explaining to us? Oh yeah Niall said which made me chuckle at his counfused facial expression. Well Niall said i asked grace to be my girlfriend and she said yes! Niall said with excitement in his voice. I CALLED IT ZAYN YOU OWE ME 20 BUCKS! Louis said. ZAYN sighed and handed him the money. Everything was silent until Harry yelled SLEEPOVER!!! Oh boy this would be an interesting night.
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