He's the one

Grace Mathews is abused, she has been for as long as she can remember, but she keeps this from anyone who asks about the bruises or scars all over her body. So when Grace wins backstage passes to a one direction concert she couldn't have been more happy. But what happens when one of the band members falls head over heals for Grace and she can finally tell her biggest secret to the boys. There will be love, regret, tears, and betrayal. What will happen? Find out In he's the one.


3. Meeting them

Graces POV
I woke up a little confused at what happened until I realized I was still under a bridge. Then all the memories came flooding back, me leaving the phone call. Wait a second was that phone call a dream? I went to my messages and saw I had a new one. It was from the radio station reminding me of the concert that just happened to be TODAY. I quickly got up tried to fix mt hair with my fingers and went off to buy something to eat and something for the concert. I went to McDonald's and got a breakfast sandwich and some orange juice. Once I was done I payed and went to Forever 21 to get something to wear. I immediately saw a dress that went right above my knees. It was blue with polka dots at the top, in the middle there was a black sparkly belt with a Silver bow in the side, and the bottom was the same as the top. It fit perfectly on me, for shoes I found a pair of black toms that had the same design on them as the belt on the dress. I got a bracelet to match and then payed for my outfit. I went to the bathroom and got changed, I combed my hair and let it down. I looked at the time 4:00 OMG the concert starts in 2 hours, I have to get there on time. I then realized I had NO car to take me there. Great, just great. I knew I had to ask someone to take me there or I would for sure be late. I saw an employee leaving forever 21 she was the one who checked my stuff out. I walked up to her and asks her if she could drive me to the arena. Thank god she said that she would, the drive there was quiet but I didn't know her so I guess it didn't matter. I realized that I forgot makeup so I pulled the little bag I had of makeup out and applied mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and a light pink lip gloss. I reviewed myself in the mirror if the girls car ( her name was Lilly) and I looked descent so I leaned back in my seat and waited until we got to the arena. When we finally got to the arena it was 4:40. Just enough time to get backstage. I went up to the security guard and showed him my pass. He lead me to a red door and told me to go in it and wait for the boys. I did as I was told, and thought of what I woul say when I met them. Before. Had time to think 5 very handsome Gus walked through the door and stared at me like like I was an alien. Didn't they know I was going to be here? Niall's POV- we went to the backstage room where we were supposed to meet a fan that won a contest. We all thought it would be like a screaming 8 year old or something. But I couldn't have been more wrong. When we walked in the door a girl about our age was standing there. She was georgeous with her curly blonde hair and sharp but pretty gray eyes. I felt myself staring at her and the rest of the boys were too. She cleared her throat which snapped me out of my transe. I felt myself blush but soon went up to her and asked her what her name was, she told me it was Grace Mathews , I told her that it was a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. She blushed and I chuckled at what that did to her. The rest of the boys introduced themselves, and we took pictures, ad talked until it was time for us to go on stage. Se followed us out and she said that she had front row seats. I invited her to Han out backstage after the concert, and she agreed. I knew I wanted her to be mine, I wanted to hold her in my arms forever and be able to call her mine. I hadn't had a girlfriend in a while so maybe just maybe she could be my princess. The other boys noticed howi acted around her because as soon as I was gone they all yelled in unison, NIALL HAS A CRUSH! I blushed when I saw her turn around, obviously hearing what they said, and blushed to. Man how I wanted her to be mine. Graces POV- I cleared my throat hoping to get there attention, and it worked because Niall immediately started to blush. He asked me what my name was and when I told him, he said "what a beautiful name for a beautiful girl" I felt myself start to blush and he chuckled to himself. OH. MY. GOD. Was all I could think, THE Niall Horan just told me i was beautiful, the rest of the boys introduced themselves, and we just talked and took pictures. When it was time for them to go on stage, I followed them, they looke a little confused as why I was following then so I told them I had front row tickerts. I was in complete shock when Niall invited me to hang out after the concert. I obviously said yes, I mean who wouldn't?? I wave bye and started to walk down the hall but when I was almost at the door I heard all the boys except Niall yell NIALL HAS A CRUSH! I knew that it couldn't be true... Could it? No . No way he would have a crush on me. Of course I had a crush on him.. He was my secret favorite out of the band. I just adored his accent. Snap out of it Grace he doesn't have feelings for you, he never would. I turned around and saw Niall standing there blushing like crazy. Which caused me to blush too. The rest of the boys were behind Niall laughing at his embarrassment to what they said. I turned around thinking Could he like me?? No there was no chance. I've never even had a boyfriend.. He couldn't like me they were probably just messing with Niall. Secretly I hoped that he really did like me. But I knew the truth, like I said there was no chance. HEYY GUYSS so tell me how you like it so far.... The next chapter will probably be up tomorrow or possibly later I don't really know! Ok well thank you so much for reading!! OH YEAH the story will have a happy ending and It won't be over until you see the words THE END ok? Thanks for reading!! -lee
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