He's the one

Grace Mathews is abused, she has been for as long as she can remember, but she keeps this from anyone who asks about the bruises or scars all over her body. So when Grace wins backstage passes to a one direction concert she couldn't have been more happy. But what happens when one of the band members falls head over heals for Grace and she can finally tell her biggest secret to the boys. There will be love, regret, tears, and betrayal. What will happen? Find out In he's the one.


2. Meet me+ dream come true

Graces POV
Oh yeah, sorry you didn't get to meet me right earlier. I'm Grace Elese Mathews. I have long curly blonde hair, and sharp but pretty gray eyes. I'm 18, my birthday Is March 27, I'm pretty skinny, medium height about 5'5 I think. And we'll that's pretty much it. I have kept the secret of my mother abusing me for a long time now. No one knows about it. I have 0 friends and have never had a boyfriend. But I absolutely love one direction.oh yeah I'm a Girly girl, I like all girl stuff that you could name! But I don't own much because my mom won't buy me anything and I have kept my life savings in a secret spot in my room. My dad left when I was 7 because he couldn't stand my mother and I don't blame him. I'm an only child and well that's all. So now that you know about me lets get on with the story.- It was now pitch black outside bit I don't know where I'm going to stay tonight. Maybe ill find a bridge to sleep under or something, I don't really care as long as I don't have to go back to my so called home. I ended up under a bride like I thought I would. And I turned my phone on the radio and tried to fall asleep, but once I heard a contest to win one direction front row tickets AND backstage passes I was awake and knew I wouldn't go back to sleep. I quickly dialed the radio number and soon heard, Congratulations you just won our contest to see one direction! I was in shock at that point. I felt my jaw drop wide open when they asked ME what my name was I told them my name and gave them my address to pick the tickets up. Once I hung up I knew it was probably just all a dream and I would wake up in the morning and be under a bridge homeless and hurt. But I didn't know that this was far from a dream and there was a perfect ending to this nightmare of a life I have been living for the past 11 years. HEYYY GUYS sorry about the short chapter it was just a filler. Next one will be better I hope! Sorry if it sucks this is my first movella so keep the hate too yourselfs. Thans for reading! -lee
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