He's the one

Grace Mathews is abused, she has been for as long as she can remember, but she keeps this from anyone who asks about the bruises or scars all over her body. So when Grace wins backstage passes to a one direction concert she couldn't have been more happy. But what happens when one of the band members falls head over heals for Grace and she can finally tell her biggest secret to the boys. There will be love, regret, tears, and betrayal. What will happen? Find out In he's the one.


4. Learning the truth

Nialls POV
After that incident with the boys telling Grae I had a crush on her we went on stage. The concert went great like usual, by I couldn't keep my mind off one person. One person that I knew I had to have. I knew the truth though, she was way to good for me. She could have any guy she wanted, which was deffinently not me. I couldn't wait to see her though, I've never felt this way about anyone before. But I couldn't keep my hopes up, she probably didn't feel the same way. Maybe I could get her number? Or is it too soon? No, I'll ask her for it, the worst thing she could say is no.. Right? Then Liam rudely brought me out my daydream. Are you coming? Liam asked me, yeah ill be right there i said. Really I was waiting for Grace, since I told her how to get to the party I knew she would have to come backstage. When she finally arrived looking more beautiful then ever I greeted her with a hug and asked her how she liked the concert. She told me it was amazing, and I couldn't help but blush. She giggled at my response, which caused me to blush 700 different shades of red before finally getting my words back. Ok, should we go now? I asked she said sure and asked where the boys were, I told her that they were already at the room. She just nodded her head and smiled. We started to walk down the hall to where we were going to hang out. I knew I ha to make a move now or I might loose loose her forever. So before we walked in the door I turned to face her and told her my feelings. I started out by saying this: look grace, I really like you a lot, I have since the moment I met you. By now she looked like she was in pure shock. Probably because she didn't feel the same way. I chocked up knowing that I just ruined everything. I started to run, I don't know where to, I just ran with tears streaming down my face. I heard her yelling and chasing after me, man she was fast
But I kept running, until I couldn't run anymore. I stopped and walked to the nearest bench I could find. But if course she was right there sitting next to me now, tears still streaming down my face that is until she said 4 words that changed my world, I like you too. - HEY GUYS SORRY FOR THE SHORT CHAPTER, just got back from school. There will be 1 or 2 more chapters up today. So how do you like it do far?? Be sure to comment any ideas I will be sure to read all of them!! So that's all for now! - lee

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