one direction are getting tired of manegment and to prove there mature they are going to go a week without getting in TROUBLE.Harry is haveing trouble dealing with HAYLOR BEING DONE so he is just depressed.Then he meets anna.Will anna end up with Harry or will she go for one of the others read to find out more!


17. oh hell to the no bitch

no 1

anna is returning to day

everything is sooo dull

h::anna! anna! r u here yet

n:huh why would u care yall broke up

h:sorry and y would u yall r history for   the books

punch puch punch

a:oh hell to the no i dont return to a mess get ur arses up b4 i puch u both 6 feet under\





l:annnaaaaaa babe how r ya?

a:well hello u guess and good i was in paris so im good but id like tpo introduce u to mike

m:hello im anna boyfreind and i know u ur all nice except the douches that broke my annas heart

h:hi im harry

m: i know

a:weres meggy

n:she left a month ago and hasnt come back

a:right i forgot mike here is ur new boss u do waht he says or youll all go 6 feet under cath ma drift

all:yes mama

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