one direction are getting tired of manegment and to prove there mature they are going to go a week without getting in TROUBLE.Harry is haveing trouble dealing with HAYLOR BEING DONE so he is just depressed.Then he meets anna.Will anna end up with Harry or will she go for one of the others read to find out more!


1. meeeting anna

harrys p.o.v.

Haylor was over.i was excited but depresed so many as i went to find my freinds (other than 1D)i ran into a beautiful brunnete.she was talking on the phone so i mouthed sorry as she took off.little did i know id meet her

**********at home***********************

"ZAYN" louis screamed."WHAT"HE REPLIED "GET THE DOOR""OK"ZAYN SAID.HE HAD PLANED FOR PERRIE and ELEANOR to come over today.when he opened the door there stood the goreges brunnete from earlier.she had a red head,a blonde,perrie,&eleanor. elanor said,"so guys this is emily,anna,jenny."she said pointing to the girls.we said our hellos and i sat next to anna.

***************ANNAS P.O.V.*****************

the curly from earlier was there.i indeed had a crush on heres my back story


My mom & dad left when i was 14 im 18 now i havent had a problem living on my own.i became amansapated so i was a legal "adult".yup and i met elanore on a vaction to mexico and met perrie soon later. we all became close freinds.*************end of story*******THEN I FELT LIKE I KNEW HARRY AND VALENTINES DAY I REMEMBER GOING ON THE MOST PERFECT DATE WITH A GUY BUT I CANT REMEMBER WHO I KNOW WE WERE LIKE 16 AND WE HAD A CANDLE LIT DINNER BY THE OCEAN AND I KNOW NOW MAYBE.BUT WHO WAS I WITH?WAS IT HARRY?WAS IT JASH?WAS IT FIGMENT OF MY IMAGINATION SURELY NOT.PSSIBLY? I HOPE I REMBER.

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