one direction are getting tired of manegment and to prove there mature they are going to go a week without getting in TROUBLE.Harry is haveing trouble dealing with HAYLOR BEING DONE so he is just depressed.Then he meets anna.Will anna end up with Harry or will she go for one of the others read to find out more!


3. i kew it

nobodys p.o.v.

rose called every one in a eperate room except for harry and anna. and said ,"guys we have a bit of a situation,"wahts flew through the room."well harry and anna used to date and.....well...has harry to0ld u of an accedent were he lost memory?"yes flew from everyones mouth.then rose explained the whole date and accedent and date and everthing she had held in came flowing out in an explosion of explaination.then the secret came to a death when anna barged in with harry by her side.they were holding hands and snogging.and the the room filled with "what"ohhhh"ahhhh"uhhhh"get a room "flew from louis mouth anna turned apple red and the said that they remembered it all.

annas p.o.v.

me and harry were talking when we both told of a date at 16 were a big accednt happened and it all played from just came out and the memories were flashing and bits and peices were flowing into others and it came togather likea lpuzzle of life and memories.we ended up kissing with led to snogging and desided to tell the others and we forgot we were still snogging.(wierd right?)then louis screamed"GET A ROM' I STARTED BLOSHING HAHAHA I FELT SOOO EMBARESSED BUT HAPPY THEN HARRY REPLIED,"we were trying but u know u had to be here!"

harrys p.o.v.

i was so happy the missing puzzle peice had fallen into place with anna it all came back to me the date the bus the hospital almost dieing.i was super happy that the girls said theyd stay the night. anna would sleep in my room.


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