one direction are getting tired of manegment and to prove there mature they are going to go a week without getting in TROUBLE.Harry is haveing trouble dealing with HAYLOR BEING DONE so he is just depressed.Then he meets anna.Will anna end up with Harry or will she go for one of the others read to find out more!


7. forgiven

harrys p.o.v.

anna forgave me and i was more than happy.

so it is 12 midnight i cant i sat up then i heard a door open. i didnt think much of it then i heard anna scream.i ran in there to see taylor holding gun to annasa head."harry,nice of you to join us.i was just getting aqaunted with anna hear.""leaver her alone taylor or ill call the cop" "test me styles,u touch that phone and you'll be planing a funeral." "what do u whant."umm lets see take me back?""fine just give me anna.""fine here"taylor replied as she trough anna to the ground and with a laugh taylor left the room.harry was calm till he heard a taylor sound screamed. he ran to see louis with a knife and zayn ontop of taylor."harry,god u came get theese people off of me."TAYLOR SHOUTED. "HOW ABOUT U GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE AND IF U ENTER AGIN THERE BE HELL TO PAY.GHOT IT."  "G-G-O-O-T-T-IT."STAMMERED A SCARED TAYLOR STAMMERED OUT.BUT WHO WAS THAT I DINT RECONISE THE AMERICAN ACCENT."who are you." i asked the pearson wqith out turning my back."megan deharinzico,call me meg." as she said her name anna jumped out of my arms and ran to her. then i stepped up and turned around to see her and megan hugging."well,well, anna deharinizico."megan deharinizico."wait u to are sisters?"i asked."of coures duhh u didnt know my last name noone did,meg hear left to join the military,so i changed mentally my last name to james.soo what happened sis with the millatary and all?"she asked.well,after 10 years of duty i decide to be a milatary spy and got a year off.i heard u were hear and all celeberties have a spy.mine are 1D and ms.think im badass over herso yeh."meg replied.HEY IM RIGHT HERE YOU KNOW"TAYLOR SCREAMED "BITCH I TOLD U TO GET OUT AND REMEMBER IM NOT UR PROTECTER IM A DESTRUCTER AND WITH THE CLICK OF A BUTTON UR NO LONGER FAMOUS,LIKE BILLY NAGER."WHO?'"EXACTLY" HE HASNT BEEN FAMOUS OR NUTHIN IN 20 YEARS." SO" GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE SKANK"MEG SCREAMED. TAYLOR JUMPED AND RAN LIKE A TIGER WAS AFTER HER

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