one direction are getting tired of manegment and to prove there mature they are going to go a week without getting in TROUBLE.Harry is haveing trouble dealing with HAYLOR BEING DONE so he is just depressed.Then he meets anna.Will anna end up with Harry or will she go for one of the others read to find out more!


13. dreams are made of:


n:im sorry anna

a:i have to go

z:il miss u

a:zayn u to all of u but dont call or txt me except louis


a:i said

m:sweet moments over luv u sis

a:u to keep theese boiz under control

m:okk now remember what i told u dreams are made of love

a:ill always remember and ill return in 3 months time to visit byeee ladies

all:im not a lady

a & m:you are till meg/i say so understand

all:yes mam

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