My Hero

17 year old Molly lives in Seattle, Washington.She's not a very popular girl and she gets bullied... A lot. Her parents got divorced when she was 5 and now she lives with her dad. She has a little sister too. Her name is Ella, and she is 7. Oh and one more thing, she hates One Direction, but one day, she goes to Walmart and sees them. Molly gets caught in the Directioner mob and gets saved by One Direction. What will happen next?


1. Chapter 1


Hi! This is my first movella and I hope you like it! I don't want to write a super long comment like some other people do so I'll start the story.  


(Btw, I named the character after myself because I'm lazy :P)

My Hero 



Molly is a 17 year old girl who loves to sing. She can also play guitar and piano. Molly's parents divorced when she was 6 and she lives with her dad and her 8 year old sister Ella. They live in Seattle oh and one more thing, Molly hates One direction with a passion.


(Molly's P.O.V)

"Molly! Get up! Molly!"

I groaned and turned over. I opened one eye and stared at my alarm clock.


I sighed and closed my eyes again.

"Molly! Get your lazy butt out of bed!"

I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and the stairs and the next thing I knew, Dad was in my room shaking me.

"It's time to get up, Molly. School isn't going to wait for you."

Slowly sitting up I faced my dad. I gave him a glare and walked to my dresser. He took the hint and walked out of my room. When he was closing the door, I noticed that he left it barely cracked. I hate when people do that. I went over to shut the door, but before I could shut it, I heard the song I hated most blaring from my little sister, Ellie's radio clock.

"Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the sun,

I know we only met but let's pretend its love,

And never, ever, ever stop for anyone,

Tonight let's get some,

And live while we're young"

Ellie was singing along. I stomped into her room and said,

"Ellie, you know I love you to bits, but can you please turn off that wretched music before my ears start bleeding?"

Ellie turned off the radio and I went over to hug her. I was and are very protective of Ellie. She's the cutest little sister ever and I won't let anyone hurt her.

"Thanks, princess."

I got ready for school and hopped on the bus. As usual no one sat next to me so I listened to some music till I got to school. When the bus stopped, I was the first one off and I immediately went to my absolute best friend, Alice's locker.

"Molly!" Alice ran over and hugged me.

"Hey Alice!" We chatted about normal girl stuff until I heard a voice behind me.


So, who do you think Molly hears? If you have any suggestions please comment. I'm sorry that this was a boring chapter but I have to introduce people. The boys will come soon, so don't worry! I'm probably talking to myself right now because I'm a loser :( I just hope someone reads this. 


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