Summer Loves

WOOT WOOT!!!!!! ITS SUMMER!!!!!!!!!! 17 year old Abby Horan, Niall Horan's younger sister, is excited for summer. Though she hasnt seen her brother in 3 months she still talks to him all the time via phone or text. But that all changes when her brother supprises her at the end of the year concert. Thats right gurls, One Directions in town, and there here for a while!! Finally, Abby gets to have a whole summer with her brother agian, she gets to finally meet the boys, and hang out with her BESTIE OF ALL BESTIES, her unbiolagical sister Savanna. What more could a gurl want? But when things take a turn for the unexpected, Abby has to come face to face with something she never thought would happen, and relize that no matter what she dose, the camras are watching.


1. Supprise!!


I slam my hand down on the off button of my alarm clock and sit up rubing my eyes. I sigh throwing the covers off of me and get up. Last day of school, I think to myself, yippie!!  I hop in the shower as I always do. When I get done I wrap my hair up in a towle and get dressed. I put my white short-shorts on and a plaine black thick straped tank top. I slide on my flip flops and head into the bathroom. I brush teeth and then dry my brown wavey-curly hair. I laugh at the thought that Nialls blonde and im brown. (But I have natural light brown-blonde highlights.) I heat up my straightner and straighten my hair and when im done add a little bit of make-up and my Lip Smakers. If only Niall was here. Id be laughing my butt off. I think. I grab my phone and take a picture of myself to send to Niall.

To: Niall

'Hey bro!!! Last day of school...yippie!! Wish you were here to make me laugh. Sorry if I wake you btw. and miss you. ~#1 Nialler~'

I press send and wait for 5 minutes. No respond :C. I look at the time, CRAP!  7:15! Im ganna be late!  I think. I grabe my navey blue Hollister back pack that Niall gave me. I rush down stairs and out the door. I make it to school just as the bell rings to go inside. I head for my locker and put my bag away. Just then theirs a beep and a voice comes from the PA system.

"Gooooood moarning Hustlin Hawks! This is your principle speaking. Sadly, todays the last day of this wonderful school year." He pauses as the hall ways erupt with hoots and hollers from the students. " end this wonderful school year....the student councle is throwing, yet agian, another 'Hustlin Hawks Concert' at Bradford Beach starting at 7."

Oh great, probly another one of those local wanna-be bands. I thought to myself.

"And this year the student councle has booked, you may wanna cover your ears boys." the principle pauses for dramatic effect, "Gurlz get ready because its HANNA MONTANA!!!!" the hall way was quite. "Just kidding, ITS ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!"

All of a sudden the whole school starts to shake....

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" every gurl in the bulding screams.

I notticed a couple guys fall on the floor, they didnt cover their ears.

The principle came back on after the screaming died down a little, "We will start letting you guys in at 6:30, and bring your student ID's to get in free. Well see you all tonight!"

Theirs another click and every gurl starts going crazzy with their frans. OMG!!! This means Nialls going to be home!! YAY!!! I think to myself. Just then Savanna comes running up to be all giddy and fan-gurling.

"AHHHHHHHHHH! ABBY!!!!!" she yells.

"SAVANNA!!!!!!!!" I yell back with a huge smile on my face.


"Because I didnt know. I just found out."

"Well im freaking out!!!"

"I can see." I say as I laugh.

Just then the bell rings. I close my locker, say good bye to Savanna, and head to study hall for 'Funn. Activaties.' I walk in and sit down next to the best person in the world.....Andy♥.

"Hey Abby." He smiles that dimply smile at me.

"Hey Andy." I chirp and poke his cheeck.

"You comin over after school?"

"I cant, Nialls coming home!"

"Oh yea, thats right. Im still deaf from that announcment."

"Haha, your ganna come to the concert tonight though right?"

"If it means being with you, of course."

Awwwe♥. I smile and kiss his cheeck. The bell rings for class to begin and Mrs. Diven gets up from her computer and stands infront of the class.

"For our fun activity today were going to be watching a movie! Yay!!!" she pauses and waits for any comments but everyone stays quite. "I know I know, try and hold in your happyness."

She puts in High School Musical 2 and the whole class cheers. After about 20 minuts theirs another beep and Mrs. Dee comes on the PA system.

"Would Abby Horan please report to the principles office."

I get up and everyone 'Ooooos' and I mock them back. I head to the princples office and Mrs. Dee the secritary tells me to head right in. I open the door and Mr. Iding looks up.

"Hello Abby."

"Hey Mr. Iding."

"Im sorry for calling you in I just need you to give this note to your brother."

You hands me a letter and I take it.

"Sure no problme."

"Thank you. You may go back to class."

I turn and leave. The rest of the day was a blur. I was so focesed on seeing Niall I didnt really pay attention. As the final bell rings I jump from my seat and dash to my locker to get my self. Anybody and everybody knew to stay out of my way if they wanted to live. As I pushed open the doors I basicly ran home. As I turned the corner on our street I started to slow down, as I saw a familiar car. Niall~♥ I thought. When I get to the door I toke a deep breath This is it, I thought, after 3 long months I get to see him. I put my hand on the door knob and turned it.

From that momment life has never been the same.

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