Summer Loves

WOOT WOOT!!!!!! ITS SUMMER!!!!!!!!!! 17 year old Abby Horan, Niall Horan's younger sister, is excited for summer. Though she hasnt seen her brother in 3 months she still talks to him all the time via phone or text. But that all changes when her brother supprises her at the end of the year concert. Thats right gurls, One Directions in town, and there here for a while!! Finally, Abby gets to have a whole summer with her brother agian, she gets to finally meet the boys, and hang out with her BESTIE OF ALL BESTIES, her unbiolagical sister Savanna. What more could a gurl want? But when things take a turn for the unexpected, Abby has to come face to face with something she never thought would happen, and relize that no matter what she dose, the camras are watching.


7. Summer Begins.

As Savanna and I made our way downstairs we were greeted by a familiar face

"Morning ladies." Harry smiled at us.

"Morning," we replied unison.

We proceeded on to the kitchen were we were greeted by the lads. All except one.

"Wheres Zayn?" I asked looking around.

Louis pointed out the door "Out for a smoke."

"Zayn smokes!?"

"Only when he's stressed," Liam answered as he grabbed a piece of toast.

"Huh."I said looking at the door.

Everyone started doing their own thing so I slipped out the door without a problem.

"I know I know, smoking bad, it causes lung cancer, it's bad for the environment." Zayn said taking another puff of his cig.

(I just wanted to make a point that he heard the door shut so that's why he started talking, your not missing out on anything)

"Not to mention second hand smoke, cough cough," swaying back and forth I laughed.

"That's not funny to joke about," he said turning his head and exhaling the smoke."

"I laughed," I said taking a step forward, I reached out and touched his arm.

He nodded and turned his head back. Taking one last puff he threw the cigarette and turned to face me.

"Are you gonna tell me about last night?" hiss voice sounded stern.

"Why do you care?" I said removing my hand from his shoulder and looking down at the ground.

"Because I care about you, your my friend Abby, and I hate seeing you sad."

"It's nothing ok, just drop it." turning away I headed inside.

I could hear him right behind me, but for the time being he dropped it. I knew I would have to tell him eventually, I just didn't know how to without sounding pathetic and weak.

"Ah, theirs my lovely sister," Niall said pulling me in for a sideways hug and kissing my head, "Howd you sleep?"

"Fine," I said with a smile on my face, "what's for breakfast?"

"I am making my delicious French toast, with bacon and eggs." Liam said with a sort of chirp in his voice.

"So what's the plan for today?" I ask while putting my dish in the dishwasher.

"Ooooo isn't Logan having his end of the year, begging of summer bonus fire tonight?" Savanna says spinning back and forth on the chair.

"With all those crazy girls there?" I say, "The guys won't stand a chance."

"What won't we stand a chance at?" Harry said as he sat down next to Savanna.

"A bon fire, this guy Logan throws an end of the year begging of summer bon fire for highschoolers and people who want to come and whatever." I say waving away air.

"Sounds like a blast," Liam joins us.

A couple minutes later all the boys are standing around the kitchen agreeing that the bon fire would be fun.

"A, hello, YOU GUYS ARE ONE DIRECTION. Girls will be there, girls who will go crazy and kill each other over all of you."

"What's a party without some excitement?" Harry says with a mischievous smile on his face.


I grabbed my phone and checked the message.


Hey, can we talk? I wanna make things right between us. Meet me at Daddy Yo's? I'll buy.

I sighed. Everyone else was converstating so I slipped away and made my way upstairs to shower real quick. Throwing on some sweats and putting my hair up in a messy bun I grabbed my purse and headed for downstairs.

"Where are you going?" Savanna asked leaving her conversation with Liam.

"Out, I have a few arrands to run and then I'll be back." I replied already half out the door.


On my way.

I hit sent and began the walk to Daddy Yo's

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