Summer Loves

WOOT WOOT!!!!!! ITS SUMMER!!!!!!!!!! 17 year old Abby Horan, Niall Horan's younger sister, is excited for summer. Though she hasnt seen her brother in 3 months she still talks to him all the time via phone or text. But that all changes when her brother supprises her at the end of the year concert. Thats right gurls, One Directions in town, and there here for a while!! Finally, Abby gets to have a whole summer with her brother agian, she gets to finally meet the boys, and hang out with her BESTIE OF ALL BESTIES, her unbiolagical sister Savanna. What more could a gurl want? But when things take a turn for the unexpected, Abby has to come face to face with something she never thought would happen, and relize that no matter what she dose, the camras are watching.


3. Forgive & Try To Forget.

"What do you want?" I say wipeing my tears.

"To know your ok." He says.

I turn around to look at Zayn.

"Did Niall send you?" I say sharpley.

"No, hes back by the cars crying. He really is sorry Abby." He comes and sits down next to me.

"I know, but hes never yelled at me like that." I say taking deep breaths.

"He was just upset, probly didnt expect to hear what you said, and lost his temper." Zayn says looking at me with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Yea?" I already knew the answer.

"Mhm." He says looking at the lake.

"Then why didnt he come an apoligize?" I say standing up.

"Because we all thought that it was better if one of us whent to get you." He explaines standing up as well.

We start heading back to where the cars are parked.

"Well, it was kind of you guys to be so caring." I say smileing.

" that a smile?" Zayn says pokeing my side.

"Haha yes." I say in a giggle voice.

"So what happend with this Andy guy that got Niall so upset." Zayn askes.

I stoped walking and looked up at Zayn with a confused expression. He stops walking once he relises I stoped and turns around to look at me.

"Is something wrong Abby?" Zayn looked worried

"He cheated on me...." I looked down still with a confused expression, "He cheated on me after 6 months of dateing me, and he lied about it to my face. And showed no remorce for what he did. I thought I could forget about it, I thought I could just move on and when he asked me out agian I thought it was really going to happen. I would forget about it and we'd live 'Happily Ever After' but I was wrong. I cant forget. No matter how hard I try. I cant forget what he did to me. All the pain, all the tears, their all still there." I say looking up at Zayn with tears in my eyes.

"Dont cry Abby," he comes over and hugs me, "Im sorry I asked."

"No, dont be, im glade you asked," I smile and hug him back.

"Abby?" a familer voice says.

Zayn and I pull away and I look at Savanna.

"Savanna." I run and give her a big hug.

"Niall told me what happend and witch direction you ran off in. Are you okie?" She ask with a worry in her voice.

"Im fine," I say drying my eyes, "Zayn and I where just walking back."

"Oh...." she says giving me 'The Eye' "I see..."

I avoide her look, "Well we should get back. Im sure everyones wondering where we are."

I start walking and they follow. When we arrive back the boys come up and hug me. Security caught up with Savanna before we got back and escorted her back to the line.

"Abby!!!!!!!!!!!!" Harry yelled. "I thought I lost you!!"

"Lol, um...nope im still here." I say shyly and look at Niall whos leand up agianst the trunk of his car.

Nobody said anything, it was quite for a moment and then finally Liam spoke.

"Well, we should get going. You know Sam hates it when where late."

They all nod in agreement and we start walking to the out door stage. When we get there, eveyones bussy setting up the lights, and sound stuff. A tallish, blonde, middle age guy turns and walks our way.

"There they are!!" He yells

"Sam!!!"  They boys yell in unison.

When Sam reaches us they all bro hug and I just stand there awkwardly..

"Oh, Sam....this is my sister Abby." Niall says avoiding my eye contact.

"Hi..." I say waving awkwardly at him.

"Pleaser to meet you finally." He holds out his hand and I shake it. "Well, lets get you guys mic.ed and pluged."

"That last part sounds painfull." I say.

"Oh, no..we have to wear these ear phone thingys in our ears to block out the crowd. Once their in we cant hear anything." Liam explaines to me.

"Yea, all we can hear is the music and each other. Its so we dont mess up from the roar of the crowds." Harry adds.

"Oh..." I start "gatcha."

Sam litterly drags the boys away and I just stand there.....completly out of place. I look around at everything and everyone when someone bumps into me. I turn around.

"Im so sorry." I say nervusly.

"Hey, its kool. Totaly my faulght." He says. "You know what they say about drummers, were supper clumsy."

"Lol. Your a drumer?" I say playfully.

"Yea, for One Direction."

"Oh, thats cool."

"Lol. Usualy when I tell gurls that their like 'OMG!!! DO U KNOW (ONE OF THE BAND MEMBERS)!?'"

"Haha." I laugh.

"Oh you think thats funny?" He says with a hint of flirtyness in his voice.

"Lol. Yup." I say with a big smile on my face.

"Im Jared by he way."

"Abby." I say with a smile.

"Well Abby, I have to go. But will I see you after the concert?" he smiles.

"Of course."

"Good." he takes my hand and kissses it.

Hes a cutie......Snap out of it Abby!! You have a boyfriend. I simle at the thought that Andy wouldnt have to guts to do that in public.

"Abby?" a familer voice askes.

I turn around quickly.

"Hey Liam. Whats up.?"

"Niall wanted me to ask you if you could go get his guitar from the trunk.?" He says shyly.

" sure."

I turn and head to the car. Once there, I pop the trunk, grabe the guitar, and head back to the boys.

"Here you go." I say as I hand the guitar to Niall.

"Thanks." He says with a smile.

"YAY.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEIR FRIENDS AGIAN.!!!!!!!!" Louis shouts loudly.

"Group hug.!!" Harry says grabing us all in a big hug.

Just then my phone starts to vibrate, and we all break apart due to the awkwardness. I grabe my phone and check it.

"Its a text from Savanna. Their letting people in and shes in front of the stage right now."

"Oh well, you better get going then." Zayn says.

"Yea...good luck guys.!!" I turn and head over to Savanna.

As soon as I get to the front of the stage I see Savanna sitting on her 1D blanket, front and center, fangurling like crazzy. I smile and head towards her.

"Hey." I say

"Hey Abby."

I sit down next to her on Zayns head. Just then Marissa, Kayla, and Daisy come runing up to us. (Their in our group but im not super close with them like I am with Savanna. Except Daisy...I cant stand her.)

"Hey Abby.!" Kayla says as she squeezes in between me and Savanna.

Marissa and Daisy sit on the other side of me fighting for the seat right next to me.

"Hey guys..." I say tring not to sound iritated.

"How are you.?" Marissa asks.

"Im good...thanks for asking." I say nodding my head.

"Thats are the boys.?" Dasiy asks.

"I wouldnt know....when I got home all my stuff was on the side walk. Yup. Aperantly im not Nialls adopted, and he wants nothing to do with me. So now im homeless." I say with a sad look on my face. Trying not to smile.

"Oh....well that sucks.." Kayla says looking away.

"Yea....totes..." Daisy replies.

"Well, we'll  see you later."

And with that, all 3 of them get up and leave. I look at Savanna who looks like shes ganna explode. I just look at her and laugh. Suddenly the crowd erupts of gurls screaming for their favorites as One Direction walks onto the stage. Savanna & I stand up and start screaming for our favorites.


"LIAM, LIAM, LIAM, LIAM.!!!!" Savanna chants.

When all the boys are on stage and in positon, Niall starts to play his guitar and strums the keys to 'Live While Were Young' and everyone gose crazzy. Savanna and I sing along at the chours and do our little dance that we made up to it.

"TONIGHT LETS GET SOME, AND LIVE WHILE WERE YOUNG.!!!!" Everyone shouts the last line.

"WHOOOOOOOOO.!!!!!" Everyone claps and screams.

Finally it all dies down and everyone sits. Niall holds up his mic.


Everyone screams.

"Man its good to be home.!!" He laughs and smiles and then looks at Savanna and I, "Hi Savanna ."

Savanna starts to go crazzy. She freaks out screaming and everyone just starts laughs.

"So hows every one doing? Huh.? What I miss.?" He smiles that toothy smile. "Before we sing another song, lets give a big thank you to Mr. Simons for letting the student councle get my number and call me. Seriusly, thanks...cause now some gurl named Erica," He pauses for the big scream from the back and then continues, "Keeps calling me. So now I have to change my number."

Everyone laughs.

"Oh, and this next song goes out to a verey special lady...hey Natalie....LETS GO GUYS.!"

Just then the music to 'What Makes You Beautiful' plays and agian eveyone gose crazzy and all the gurl start to sing along including Savanna & I.

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