Summer Loves

WOOT WOOT!!!!!! ITS SUMMER!!!!!!!!!! 17 year old Abby Horan, Niall Horan's younger sister, is excited for summer. Though she hasnt seen her brother in 3 months she still talks to him all the time via phone or text. But that all changes when her brother supprises her at the end of the year concert. Thats right gurls, One Directions in town, and there here for a while!! Finally, Abby gets to have a whole summer with her brother agian, she gets to finally meet the boys, and hang out with her BESTIE OF ALL BESTIES, her unbiolagical sister Savanna. What more could a gurl want? But when things take a turn for the unexpected, Abby has to come face to face with something she never thought would happen, and relize that no matter what she dose, the camras are watching.


4. Dinner & Heartack.

~Time Skip~

(They played all the songs from 'Up All Night' inorder including 'Stand Up' and 'Moments')

The boys sing the last line of 'Moments', bow, and then walk off the stage. As they leave Sam pass's them as he as makes his way to the stage.

"Give it up for One Direction.! Yea," He claps and everyone claps with him. "After im done, and I cant stress this enuff, please, WHEN IM DONE. You guys can line up starting at the front for the stage," he points to the corner by us, "to participate in a 'Meet & Greet.'"

He puts the mic down and the gurlz get up and litterly RUN. I chuckel to myself.

"C'MON.!!!" Savanna grabes my writs and starts pulling me to the corner.

I just stand there.

"What are your doing.?" I look at her crazzily.

"I wanna get in- oh..." She lets go of me and picks up her blankent.

"Yea.." I say smiling at her.

I help her pack up and then we head over to the boys.


I chuckel to my self and then turn around to face this gurl.

" guys sure are seriouse." I say to her.

" back of the line." She says with a lisp.

"And if I dont.?" I say with an aditude.

I know this gurl. Shes the caption of the soccer team...and thats her possy behind her.....dont they look tuff in their One Direction stuff. I think myself.

"Oh you dont wanna know.!" She says taking a step towards me.

"Is that a threat.?" I say taking a step toward her.

"Maybe it is..maybe it isnt." She says spitting infront of me.


Just then the principle comes and breaks it up before it gets out of hand.

"Gurlz! Calm down or ill be forced to reomve you both.!" He says with a disapointed look on his face. "Now Ms. Horan, I expect better from you. Expesically at your brothers concert." He turns to me.

"I know....," I say looking down, "Im sorry Mr. Simons."

"Its okie."

He turns and leaves. I look at the random gurl and she looks shell shocked. Savanna and I burst out laughing and head over to the boys.

"Omg good job.!!  Everyone loved you.!!" I say.

"Thanks." They all replied.

"And Niall, that speach you gave was funny and epic.! I think I even saw Natalie in the line."

"Really.?" He says with a smile on his face.

"Yurp." I nod.

Suddenly I head something shaking. I turn around and see Savanna using her inhaler.

"OMG.!! SAVANNA BREATH.!!! DEEP BREATHS.!!! In threq the nose...out threw the mouth."

She took two puffs and calmed down. I turned back to the lads.

"Harry, Liam, Louis..theirs someone I want you to meet," I pause and step aside so they can see Savanna, "this is the great Savanna."


"Hey." Harry, Liam, and Louis say.

"We've heard a lot about you." Liam says.

"Yea, Abby speacks highly about you." Louis adds.

"Awwwe<3" she turns and looks at me.

"Its nothing." I blush and look away. "Hey wheres Zayn.?"

"Oh, hes over their talking to his gf Perrie." Niall says pointing over his sholder.

I peer over his shoulder and see Zayn talking on his phone. He looks pissed. I hope everythings ok... I think to myself.

"3 minutes till Meet & Greet guys." Sam says walking by.

Niall looks at me and ushers his head to the side indicating he wants to speack with me privatly. I look at Savanna but shes bussy talking to Liam, Harry, and Louis so I just fallow Niall.

"Whats up.?" I say putting my hands in back pocket.

"Are we okie.?" He asks looking down at his shoes.

I hate seeing sad Niall. It breaks my heart. And he was just shocked, he loves me and just didnt want what happend last time to happen agian....I think to myself. I look at him for a second and then hesitate before I lunge at him and wrap my arms around his neck. Hes stuned for a second, and then he wraps his arms around my waist. I lay my head on his shoulder and breath in his cologne.

"Were okie Niall. You back. Thats all that matters, I dont wanna fight with you."

I can feel his ceeck on my hair and I smile. I pull away and so does he.

"Are you guys ganna stick around.?" He asks.

"No..I think were ganna go to Nandos. Im straving." I put my hand on my tummy.

He laughs, and gives me another hug.

"Oh how I missed my little sister." He says.

"Oh how I missed my big bro." I say, "Were ganna be there a while if you guys wanna meet us there. How long do these things usualy take.?"

"About an hour. We dont always meet everyone sadly."

"An hour.?" I moan.

"You guys are walking to Nandos right.?" He asks.

"Yea..why.?" I say suspicouse.

"It takes like 15 minutes to get there, so you got 45 minutes to wait." He says poking my nose.

"Your right...hey can Savanna sleep over.?"

"Yea. But not sneaking into the guys rooms..." He says with a seriouse look on his face.

"Scouts honer." I say smiling holding up three fingers.

"Okie." He says hugging me one more time. "You guys enuff money.?"

"Yurp. Im good."

"Kay." he kisses the top of my head.

Niall lets me go and we walk back over to the lads and Savanna. We reach them the same time Zayn does.

"Everything ok bro.?" Harry says placing a hand on Zayn's shoulder.

"Yea..." Zayn says looking down at his phone.

Awwwe...something bad must of happend. Poor Zayn... I think to myself. I look over at Savanna who turns and looks at me.

"Um....we should prolly go." I say turing back to everyone.

"Kay." Liam, Harry, and Louis say.

"Ill see you later.?" I turn to Niall.

"Yea. Ill text you when were done." He says.


I give him one last hug, wave bye to the lads, and then turn and leave.

"Wait for me.!!" Savanna says following me.

We head to the front of the stage.

"Niall said you can sleep over."


"But no sneaking into their rooms and getting hairs to clone them." I look at her.

"Darn it."

We both start laughing.

"Abby.!!" some yells my name.

I turn around and see Jared jogging over towards us.

"Oh, hey Jared." I say with a smile.

"So you and Horan huh.?" he nods at me.

"What.?" I say looking at him confused.

"Its okie. I can keep a secret." He says pattingmy shoulder.

"What.?" I ask agian.

"I saw the long hugs, and how he kissed ur head and stuff."

"Oh no.! Lol. Hes my brother Jared." I say laughing.

"Oh...well this is awkward.." He says looking away.


"Cough cough." Savanna says.

"Oh, im sorry. Jared, this is my bestie Savanna, Savanna this is 1D drummer Jared." I say looking back and forth.

"I prefer the term unbiological sister. x3"

"Okie then...its nice to meet you." He says holding his hand out.

She just stairs at him.

"Hey, were where just on our way to Nandos if you would like to join us." I say placing my hands in my back pocket.

"Sure." he starts walking.

Savanna and I fallow him and evenutaly were all walking side by side. A couple minutes later I feel a strong pair of arms around my waist.

"Gusse who.?" he whispers in my ear.

"Um...elmo.?" I smile.

"Someone even better." He kisses my neck.


He picks me up and spins me around.

"Ahhhhh!" I shut my eyes and scream in my gurly giggle voice.

After about to spins, he sets me down so im infront of him, places his hands in my back pockets, and kisses me. I wrap my arms around his neck and stand on my tippy toes. Finnaly he pulls away and I open my eyes.

"Told you it was someone better." He smiels.

I smile and place my chin on his chest and look up at him. Suddenly Savanna clears her voice and we both turn around.

"Hey Savanna..." he says putting his hand behind his head.

"Hi Andy..." she gives him the death look.

"Andy....this is Jared. Hes the drummer in 1D. Jared, this is my bf Andy." I say looking at them both.

"Hey man." Andy says holding out his hand.

"Hey." Jared nods his head.

"Now that we got the introductions out of the way, can we please go? Im starving." Savanna says irritated.

"Where are you guys going.?" Andy says looking at me.

"Umm..." I start to say.

I look at Savanna and she mouths 'No.'

"Nandos," I say looking back at Andy, "Wanna come.?"

"Sure." He says.

"Ugh.!" Savanna says turning around and walking.

Me and Andy look at each other and silently chuckel. We starts walking and as we pass Jared, Andy grabes my hand. Jelly much.? I think to myself. Jared fallows us and we all walk to Nandos. It takes about 30 minutes for us to get to Nandos because Andy kept joking around and almost made us fall...three times. Finnaly we arive at Nandos. We walk in and get a round booth that fits 7 people. Right when we all get setteld my phone vibrates. I take it out and check the text.

From: Niall<3

Meet & Greet got cut short. Were leaving in 10, be their in 15.

To: Niall<3

Okay. Um....Andys here with us...and so is your drumer Jared.

From: Niall<3

Great. And what is Jared doing there.?

To: Niall<3

Be nice. And its a long story. Ill tell you when you guys get here.

"Who was that.?" Andy asks.

"Niall.....their ganna be here in 25." I say putting my phone in my purse.

"Abby....bathroom....NOW.!!! And bring your bag." Savanna said looking at me.

We scoot out of the booth and head to the bathroom. When we get inside Savanna shuts the door. I walk over to the sink, set my bag on the counter and turn around to face her.

"Can you fix me up for Liam.?" She looks at me with a nervouse glance.

"Lol. Sure. But you could of said that at the table instead of making it seem like you just got your period." I say turning around and getting my makeup bag.

Savanna walks over and stands next to me. I start to apply make-up and when im done she looks like one of those teen models who has the perfect hair, cute summer clothes, and is so sweet and innocent. She looks in the mirror and smiles.

"OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH ABBY.!!!" She says throwing her arms around me.

"Dont mention it." I say patting her back.

She runs out of the bathroom giggeling and squeling. I chuckel and turn to face the mirror and decied to touch up my make-up a little bit. I put alit bit of powder on, and some skin color eyeshadow, a really thin black liner for my top lids, black on my water line on my bottem, some mascara on both the top and bottem lashes, and my pink Baby Lips. When im all done I put my makeup away and head for the door. I open the door and step out looking at the floor when I bump into someone.

"Oh Im so sorry." He says grabing my sholders so I dont fall.

"No its my faulght." I say holding my head.

I look up and see who I bumped into.

"Lol. Hey Zayn." I say totally surprised.

"Hey Abby." He says mocking me.

"What's up.?" I say in a chirpy voice.

"Oh, nothing much. Just going to the bathroom to take a piss." He says smiling.

"Lmao.! Okie....well you have fun with that and ill see you back at the table." I say grasping my bag and walking around him.

I head back to the table and everyone's their talking and laughing. Harry, Louis, and Niall have to move so I can scoot in next to Andy. Zayn comes back from the bathroom a few minutes later and  slides in next to Liam. The seating order for the round booth ends up being Harry on the end, Louis, Niall, Me, Andy, Jared, Savanna, Liam, and Zayn on the other end across from Harry. Everyone has their own little convos, Savanna and Liam flirt with each other, Louis and Harry goof off, Niall and Andy talk about sports, Andy & I talk about the summer, and Zayn just sits their on his phone texting.

"So you know Pierce The Veil is coming to town in 2 weeks right.?" Andy says putting his arm around my shoulders.

"Yea.! Omg I wanna go see them sooooo bad.!" I say leaning back and snuggling closer to him.

"Well, what if I told you....that I have two tickets to see them.?" He says taping my nose.

"OMG SERIUSLY!!!!!" I say sitting up.

"Yea, and I was wondering if you wanted to go."

"Idk...." I say leaning back again, "what's the catch.?"

"Their is no catch. Cant a guy do something nice for his gf that he loves so much.?" He says in a playful tone.

"Then....I shall accept." I close my eyes, scrunch my face, and smile.

Andy laughs and kisses me lightly. I put my hand on his cheek bone and kiss him back. After about 2 minutes Niall clears his throat and me and Andy pulls apart and act like nothing happened. I look up at Andy and we both start smirking.  Niall gives Andy the 'death glare' and I give Niall the 'seriously' look. I look over at Zayn who's playing with his straw. I was about to say something when Savanna spoke up.

"So how long are you guys staying.?" She asks taking a sip for her soda.

"Well, were done with the tour, and their is a recording studio we can work out of, so prolly the whole summer." Niall says.

"Well, were ganna need a bigger house." I say looking at Niall.

"True...." he says looking at me.

Everyone goes back to what they were doing b4 and I look over at Andy and notice he's texting.

From: Justin

Omg, you need to get your butt over here.! Brian brought some tequila and were all doing shots.! Plus...Sammy's here.

To: Justin

Really!? Be their in 15.!

He looks up and see my pissed off expression.

"I.....meant it about...about the tequila....." He stutters.

"I'm sure you did." I say with a sarcastic tone.

I tap Niall on the shoulder and ask him if he can scoot out. He tells Louis and Harry and we all scoot out. Andy stays seated and looks at me.

"Babe...." he starts.

"Go....u got about 10 minutes left."  I say cutting him off and crossing my arms.

He makes that noise with his mouth and scoots out. He stands up and looks at me.

"I'm sor-." he starts to say.

"Go! U got 9 minutes...wouldn't want to be late for that tequila." I say patting is shoulder and sliding back into the booth.

He sighs and heads for the door. Niall, Louis, and Harry slide back in and every one stays quite. I cant believe him.! He doesn't even stay! Guess I know how much he loves me. Taking me to a PTV concert...psh. UGH.!! IM SO STUPIED!!! Once a cheater, always a cheater. I should of said no....ugh gawd.! I don't wanna deal with this pain again.! Not again.! Not the feeling of betrayal. The pain sucks. Its the worst part of a relationship. Not the fact that he's gone, and you cant call him yours...but the pain that they leave behind. Well not this time, he's not going to do this to me again, I think to myself. Just then the waitress brings our food and everyone turns their attention to that. I lost my appetite so I ask for a box.

"Your not ganna eat.?" Harry says.

" not really hungry anymore." I say looking down at my hands.

"Your not turning anorexic are u!? Bc I saw a story about how skipping one meal can lead to eating a little, and then eventually not eating, and then pigging out, then puking, and then not eating." Louis says smartly.

"Thank you for that amazing fact Dr. Louis." Savanna says.

We all burst out laughing except for Louis who had a blank expression in his face. He stairs straight at Savanna and waits for everyone to stop laughing before he speaks.

"That's Dr. Tomlinson to you.!" He says shaking his head in a circle.

We all burst out laughing. A few seconds later the waitress brings me my box and I put my food in it.

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