Louis Tomlinson to the rescue.

Raquel has problems at home and school she gets bullied and abused. But one day she decides to run and leave her life as she knows it.


7. x factor comes

X factor season passed and Louis got put in a group and his group finishes in 3rd place I finished in fifth place. Then Louis and his group of harry styles niall horan liam payne zayn malik and him louis tomlinson (one direction harry named it) bought a mansionn and we all moved in then harry brings a girl home one day and the other guys already have girlfriends but all the girlfriends spent the night me and louis were the only ones not making noise because I was pregmant so we just kissed and that was just as good. The next day the girls and I picked out a wedding dress for me i t was absolutely perfect. Louis and the guys went to get a tux for louis. I'm sure it was perfect also.
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