Louis Tomlinson to the rescue.

Raquel has problems at home and school she gets bullied and abused. But one day she decides to run and leave her life as she knows it.


1. run!run!

"Hey four eyes."
My worst enemy hannah said.
I had crutch es so she tripped me good thing I have my friend lainey. (her name is elaine but she goes by lainey.) Lainey actually slapped her. Then I hit her with my crutch so me and lainey both got in trouble.
"Hey Raquel I got a call from your principle." Mom said.
"Your not mad at me are you?"I asked. " She tripped me what was I supposed to do?"
Mom slaps me and my nose starts to bleed.
"This is the third time you have gotten detention this month. You need to stop you get punished or else you do it again I'm going to have to hit you harder and harder untill you stop." Mom yels hitting me again as I start to cry.
I ran to my room and layed down my clothes all bloody and then it happened I cut myself.
LATER........ "Mom come quick Raquel isn't waking up." My little sister yells.
"Let her sleep" mom sayswalking in the room"Oh My God. We have to get Raquel to the hostpital. NOW!" She said.
I could hear a little voice in my hear telling me run!run!
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