Louis Tomlinson to the rescue.

Raquel has problems at home and school she gets bullied and abused. But one day she decides to run and leave her life as she knows it.


8. louis pov

Louis pov

I gound the perfect tux. I couldn't look anymore perfect than her though even when she is sleeping she looks perfect. Last night we had a wonderful time even if it was just kidding. I decided I would surprise her so I got her sister and her dad a plane ticket to come visit doncaster.I think she will love it.
"Niall last night was great. Oh yeah liam you were great also. Oh how could I forget zayn and harry you guys were the greatest." Said a familliar voice. It was my sister savannah."louis you're her please don't tell mom and dad I'm a prostitute they would kill me." She said.
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