Louis Tomlinson to the rescue.

Raquel has problems at home and school she gets bullied and abused. But one day she decides to run and leave her life as she knows it.


2. In the hostpital.

The doctor walks out. "She's going to be okay."
"Thank goodness." Mom said sighing with relief.
"I can't believe you did that I am so embarrassed." My mom said hitting me so hard I became numb.
Run! Run! I heard it again so that night I opened my window and ran I took my little sister with me because I didn't want her to get hurt like me.
I took my money I've been saving up and we got in a cab to the airport.
"Next flight away from here I don't care where to." I told the lady behind the counter.
"Next flight out is to Doncaster England." She said.
"That's fine with me. Two tickets please." I said.
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