Princess Love

In this story you will read about Marisol a young girls who has to deal with the loss of her parents and her first and only love.Did i mention she's also part of the royal family of werewolf priests?


1. Introduction

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          It was the winter of my tenth year of being on this Earth. And on this faithful day something tragic happened and changed my life forever.....On that very day the two most important people in my life lost their lives. The only thing that helped console my aching heart was to see their smiling faces while clutching at each other while dying in each others embrace. All I could think about at the time and even now is that they were together even during their death........

           During the late 90s of the 99th century, I was born into this world. I had no siblings, except those that I made up in my mind. But, no matter how loving and caring my parents had always been to me, I still felt lonely.........


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