I'll Hold My Breath

I photographer named Vannah goes on Warped Tour with her best friend and ends up with more than she bargained for.


1. Repeating Apologies


I stepped out of my best friend Chelsea’s car with my camera and my press pass and made my way quickly into the venue. We were standing just outside the gates of Pomona Fairplex in Pomona California. I held my camera tight to my chest as the guards checked my pass. It was overwhelming seeing all the people. There were hundreds just in my line of vision. I don’t exactly remember how I got hear or what the future had in store for me but I was following my dreams and I guess if the Vans Warped Tour was where I had to start than so be it.

I walked around the venue quietly by myself while Chelsea went to check in with the staff desk and find her friend she was meeting here. Everyone here looked about the same. I kept my eyes on the ground staring at all the vans and converse that flew by in a frantic rush towards something in the distance. I took a seat next to a large tree and grabbed the fish eye lens out of my camera bag aiming it towards the ground to capture the fans and staff rushing by.

“Excuse me miss.” I looked up from my camera slowly to see a pair of navy TOMS and jumped. “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” Said a tall man covered in tattoos, as was everyone else here. “It’s alright.” I mumbled, giving him my full attention. “I was just wondering if you knew where I could find the Alternative Press tent. You have a press pass so I figured you might be able to point me in the right direction.” He was honestly very intimidating. “My names Austin Carlile, from Of Mice & Men. I’m just kind of late for this interview I’m sorry to bother you.” He apologized, coming off as a little less intimidating.

I stood up cautiously giving him a nervous smile. I was shy, especially in a place like this. I didn’t belong here. “Well, I’m happy to help.” I said, walking towards the press area. I stopped moments later to see if he was following. “Austin, it’s this way.” I laughed, motioning for him to follow me. A grin spread across his lips and his face turned a little red.

After searching and asking around for 15 minutes I was starting to warm up to him. He seemed like a genuine person despite his looks, which I must say, even if it wasn’t what I was normally into he wasn’t bad looking. He waved one last goodbye and told me to catch his set if I wasn’t busy. Even if I didn’t fit in here it seemed like it didn’t matter to some people. I adjusted me Obey t shirt and started back towards the tree I was supposed to meet Chelsea at.

Sure enough, there was Chelsea and she wasn’t alone. Two familiar looking men stood next to her engaged in what seemed to be a heated argument. “Mike, you’re drunk. Go back to the bus before you make an ass of yourself. It’s not even noon yet.” The shorter one with long brown hair said, giving the taller one a disappointed look. “I’m a big boy Vic I think I know how to hold my whisky. I’m not drunk.” He argued, shoving his brother lightly and walking drunkenly towards their bus.

“There you are! I’ve been looking for you. Vannah, this is my good friend Vic.” I nodded and smiled at him, grabbing my camera and snapping a picture or him. He seemed shocked for a second before Chelsea reassured him that it was normal. “So where did you run off to?” She asked. I shrugged and smirked. “I was helping someone find the Alternative Press tent, he was really nice actually. His name was Austin.” I blushed a little, pretending to cough. Chelsea kind of had a sight for nervousness and knew she needed to press me for more information. “Austin who?” She laughed, looking at Vic for help. “I think he said his last name was Carlile, but I don’t remember.” I smirked knowing the look on her face meant he was something special. “Vannah, if you see that boy again don’t let him out of your sight until you introduce me.” She squealed and I looked at her with confusion. “I could introduce you later tonight if you want. There’s always an after party and there’s two shows here so we aren’t in any rush to leave.” Vic offered.

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