A Day With Louis

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1. A Day With Louis

Another month single, another Valentine's Day spent alone. I am used to this kind of life, watching the couples enjoy a dinner as I served them special desserts such as chocolate covered strawberries. Some would usually feed each other happily and kiss with such a sweet love that I thought I would never find. I held a soft spot for my best friend Louis, who in turn I assured myself he did not feel the same way. The way his soft hair swept across his head in a quiff, and those blue eyes sparkled every time I looked into them.

It took me a while to notice a couple was trying to grab my attention by waving their hands in my face.

"S-Sorry..," I mumbled, shaking my head to wake up.

"It's fine. Can we just have some red wine and a large dish of spaghetti with meatballs please?" I saw that they were going for the classic Lady and The Tramp scene where they would share that one noodle, then kiss.

I nodded my head and wrote down the order, walking away to put in the order. I filled up two glasses of rich, red wine and brought it over to the previous couple, who in turn thanked me. Leaving them to their night, I headed back to the kitchen, stopping as I heard the door open and close a bit too quickly. Usually, it would be held open for a woman for a date, however my best friend walked in alone. He moved a hand through his hair as he looked around the restaurant for me. As his eyes landed on mine, I sent him a warm smile and walked towards him, my arms wrapping around his neck for a hug.

"Why are you working on Valentine's Day?" Louis mumbled into my hair.

"Single as a Pringle Louis..," I reminded him, sighing from the loneliness I've felt for a while now.

"One moment," He pulled away from our embrace and went to the back. He knew a lot of the employees here so they never gave him an issue when it came to him walking about. Louis came back a few moments later grinning like his cheeky self-he was definitely up to something.

"Come on," he simply ordered, opening the door for me.

"Where are we going..?" I asked suspiciously, squinting my eyes.

"Your boss said you can leave for the night. We're going on a date." The last part shocked me, making me stop breathing for a few seconds. I blinked and walked out of the lovey-dovey atmosphere and in the direction of Louis's car.


I sat on the picnic blanket in some skinny jeans and a light pink cropped top, along with some creme Toms. Louis sat across from me, lighting a bubblegum scented candle and taking out food from the picnic basket sitting aside from us. Of course, Chinese takeout- a tradition we both shared when we were teens. I took a dish and served myself some white rice and chicken, and a stick of beef teriyaki. Teriyaki is actually a Japanese food, so we break tradition a little. I began to eat, as well as Louis, and the silence between us is killing me. I swallowed my food and opened my mouth to speak.

"Louis, why did you care that I was spending my Valentine's Day alone?" I asked quietly, looking down at my plate. His fork clinked against his plate slightly, and I heard his voice ring through my ears.

"Jillian, a beautiful girl like you shouldn't be spending a special day like this alone. I'm lucky enough to just be sitting here with you," Louis answered, eating more of his food. I shook my head to disagree, since I didn't believe I was beautiful at all. I have my insecurities and they will never leave my thoughts.

"Louis, you may think I'm beautiful but I don't think so...," I confessed, setting my plate down on the blanket and getting up. A tear escaped my eye as I turned, remembering long ago of when a certain boy called me ugly, and that ruined my thoughts of myself ever since.

"Jillian... Are you crying?"

"N-No..," I replied weakly. I felt arms turn me around and into an embrace, and I shuddered, beginning to sob into Louis's chest. He hushed me, rocking side to side to try and calm me down. My sobs quieted down to uneven breaths and Louis pulled me out gently to look into my eyes. His thumbs found their way to my cheeks, wiping away the makeup that is most likely ruined from my crying disaster.

"You shouldn't wear makeup..," Louis mumbled, tilting his head to the side.

"Why?" I questioned, blinking a last tear from my eye.

"You don't need it.....," He whispered, leaning in and softly planting a kiss on my lips. I was taken aback at first, realizing what was happening, then kissing back. My arms crept around his neck as our kiss became more passionate. His tongue licked my lip, and I opened my mouth a little more to let it in. It felt amazing, a perfect kiss from the person you think is perfect.

It turns out, my Valentine's Day wasn't spent alone after all.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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