valentines day

I thought my Valentine's day was going to be lonely like every other year watching couples walk in the park that is untill something happened.


1. valentines day

"Heyyyy"my bestfriend says to me jumping on me.

"Hi." I say with a sigh

"Oh my god if your going to be like this all day I'm going to slap you."

"Yeah well you don't understand its every year."
I say walking with her to our last class

"So. You need to be happy most people are when their single"
The bell rings and we sit down for the boring math class
"Bye see you later"

I say walking towards my bus. I sit down in my seat and start listing to my I pod. I never realy likes my bus its to noisey. I walk up to my house as I get off the bus and unlock my door . I sit in my room for a wile before I decide to go for a walk in the park. It starts getting dark when I'm walking. I hear footsteps behind me getting louder and louder. I start to run and the footsteps do to the person catches up to me I instantly can tell its a boy from the smell of aex . He starts talking.

"I'm sorry but I just wanted to say your beautiful and I wondered if you'd go on a date with me?"
Irish? Wait. I've heard this voice before.

"Niall?niall horan?"
I ask him

"The one and only"

"Of course ill go on a date with you "
We both start laughing then walk to a restaurant
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