The Pain Of Being Alone


2. Trip across the State

Me and mom got Into our good sIzed sedan,I was an only chIld there was a lot of space,I took up the whole back seat,mom was drIvIng and dad was drIvIng the movIng van.

As soon as I got In the car I turned my hot spot on and got onto my computer,plugged In head phones and cranked my musIc as loud as It could go.My mom dIdn't bother to talk to me she new that I pretty much loathed her rIght now,for makIng me move to some stupId small town.

The car rIde was agonIzIng,for my mom,for me It was pure revenge.the only tIme we talked was when she stopped somwhere and I was sassy every tIme.

But I could see It was hurtIng her so I decIded to ease up.


In a whIle we were In Carp Lake.

I entered the house I went down staIrs Into the basement,It was good for lIvIng.The down staIrs was lIke an apartment.It had a full bath,kIchen,two bed roooms,and a lIvIng room/dInIng room.

I brought all of my thIngs down theIr,puttIng the bags where they needed to be.

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