The Pain Of Being Alone


3. Settling In

The next day was the day we got wIfI T.V  and "the devIces".   

I sat In my room on my laptop, txtIng, wachIng T.V, cryIng, and eatIng Ice-cream.Also I dreaded  tomarrow.

I dreaded It because I would enroll school,at Pellston HIgh school, wIth only a astoundIng 600 students,I would be

so new and overly notIced....Every one would realIze I was new thered be no where to hIde and blend,to pretend tht I was normal and a regular student.I hoped on my lIfe there was no welcomIng comItee hopfully that would ease all my embarrasment.

"Carly,"I heard my mom call.

"what??,"I replIed

She came down and asked If I'd want to go shoppIng for my new school , even though school dIdnt start for a month.

I agreed and decIded I was done beIng mad at her,she had to move, and dad had to work,otherwIse I wouldnt have what I do.

When we went shoppIng I got alot of converse,vans,sneakers,skInny jeans,sweat pants,tank tops,"dressy" shIrts,

graphIc tees,plaIn jeans,leggings and jeggings,skIrts,jewlery,beanIes,flatbIlls,shorts,flats,boots,kIcks,and bazIllIons of other thIngs.I was soo happy and thankfull we had what we dId.



I entered the house toting abot fIfty bags full of thIngs my mom carrIed about thIrty fIlled wIth food.I was dreadIng the

Three weeks left before I entered my own personal hell.


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