The Pain Of Being Alone


1. Last Day

I had lIved In DetroIt my whole lIfe,and had grown to love It  seemIng to not mInd the noIse and gangs,cars screechIng by,as much as I used,I was sure goIng to mIss It,but the thIng I would mIss most was my best frIends,Sammy and KatIe.

That mornIng was the saddest day of my lIfe,even sadder then when I had to go to the dance by myself when my date left me for lIttle mIss perfect Amanda.Today was packIng day.WItch I planned to avoId In any way possIble,so I went Into the bathroom and brushed my teeth,takIng extra care and usIng the mouthwash that sat on the back corner of the sInk but was never used.Then I took a shower,after takIng about 12 extra mInutes to brush out my long brown haIr.When I was done I trudged to my room ,takIng extra care to pIck out what to wear,leggIngs and my favorIte hoodIe.

I sIghed I had to start packIng now.I started wIth my drawIng table,packIng away my colored pencIls, charcol pencIls,plaIn pencIls,markers,crayons,paInts,paper poster board,and anythIng else that was strewn about the table.Then I packed my bed slowly packIng my many blankets and sheets on the very top I stuffed my 20 mIllIon pIllows then duct taped the boxes shut,ThIs was terrIble It was lIke puttIng my heart In a box and stIckIng It on a hIgh shelf that I would never be able to reach no matter how bIg of a chaIr I stood on.

I took out my Iphone5 and started photographIng my half-packed room,I put them on Facebook,I needed to let someone know that I needed someones shoulder to cry on,wItch must've worked because few mInutes I heard a deep voIce say,"Need some help,beautIful?"I turned around to see Sammy,my boyfrIend and best frIend standIng theIr,I ran over and hugged hIm startIng to sob Into hIs chest.I looked up and he gently wIped the stray-fallIng tears of my cheeks,I was sure I was a make-up less red-blotchy faced messy haIred mess,but rIght about now I dIdn't care at all.

My frIends helped me pack,my only carry-on Item was a bag fIlled wIth some cloths,makeup,haIr stuff,perfume,laptop,and camera.

I choked as Sammy pIcked up my bags and carrIed them downstaIrs wIthIn a mInute he was back up hIs paInful sad face my my heart hurt,so I closed my eyes and let my body drop on my bed,the only furnIture left In my room,The movers would be here soon to take It out and drIve It all the way across the state In to northern MI,we would lIve In carp lake,what kInd of town was that?

I felt the warmth of hIs body get closer to me,and heard the noIse as he eased onto the bed.He slowly pulled me Into hIs lap and whIspered "It'll be OK." I replIed wIth a sorrowful mumble, chokIng back tears the whole tIme"But what If It's not okay?","It could never be OK I have to leave you,Sammy,thIs Is our goodbye!!!!!!!!"

NeIther of us wanted to say goodbye,who would?So we I sat there cryIng hIdIng In hIs unzIpped hoodIe wIth knees up to my chest.He gently kIssed me and got me to stop  cryIng.

After a long and sad conversatIon we decIded It wasn't goodbye It was for now.Also that we were just frIends.

then my mom came In,"Say goodbye It's tIme to leave."

We turned to each other cryIng and saId"For now."




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