Forever Young

Jace Pickett has led a hard life. She's been moved around and tossed about, and she's about ready to snap. When her family moves to Doncaster, she meets the Tomlinson's, a family that's almost as crazy as she is. Together, they will rule the world!


4. Jace

"So, how was your day?" Calrissa asked at the dinner table. We were all gathered around about three boxes of pizza, and as usual, the little guys were chattering about their day.
"Why do you care? It's just another school." I said. Doncaster Elementary Middle is so far my, let's see, I haven't spent more than one year at the same school until we moved to Germany for three years, so yeah, this is my sixth school so far.
"Jace. I want to know how your day went."
"You really wanna know? Well, the teacher called me Genna-Jace all day-"
"What's so bad about that? I know you hate your name, but you can stop people from knowing."
"They all pronounced it like its spelled." yeah, my name is Jenna-Jace, but my parents decided to be weirder and give me a jacked up spelling too. "And you know what else?!"
"What?" I was about to start shouting all of the other crap that happened today, but I thought of Lacie, my littlest sister. I thought of how she looked up to me. I couldn't let them know that I was being bullied. Besides, Carlissa would have a fit.
"They didn't even show me where the bathroom was!" They all gasped. Wow. That was a bigger reaction than what I expected.
"That is so rude!" Carlissa cried.
"Jathey," Lacie tugged on my arm "Did you you have to go potty all day? You can go now. Look, I'll thow you where the potty is, unlike those meanies at thcool." She tried to lead me to the bathroom. If Tevis had done that, I would've slapped him for making fun of me, but Lacie tried to be my little twin, and she genuinely tried to help.
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