Forever Young

Jace Pickett has led a hard life. She's been moved around and tossed about, and she's about ready to snap. When her family moves to Doncaster, she meets the Tomlinson's, a family that's almost as crazy as she is. Together, they will rule the world!


3. Jace

Do you know how it feels to be made fun of all day? To be glared at, and called a Nazi? Neither did I. Now I do. Seriously, it SUCKS. I trudged home, dragging my feet in the mud.
"Jathey! Wait up!" I turned around. Lacie was stumbling about ten feet behind me.
"Jathey! Yow weft without me."
"Sorry, Baby Bug." Lacie is determined to be my duplicate. I have no idea why, but she's serious about it. Once when she was three she tried to follow me into the bathroom. That's love. And disturbing.
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