Forever Young

Jace Pickett has led a hard life. She's been moved around and tossed about, and she's about ready to snap. When her family moves to Doncaster, she meets the Tomlinson's, a family that's almost as crazy as she is. Together, they will rule the world!


1. Jace

It was a basic morning. Who am I kidding, nothing in my life is normal. First, allow me to begin with my family.

Mason,Tacey,Jason, and Laciey, five years old, otherwise known as the kids or the quad squad.
Malorey, seven.
Tevis, ten.
Genna-Jace, me, thirteen.
Calrissa, fifteen.
Tanner, sixteen.
TJ, twenty-two.
CJ, CJ died in Iraq about three years ago. He would be twenty-one.
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