Forever Young

Jace Pickett has led a hard life. She's been moved around and tossed about, and she's about ready to snap. When her family moves to Doncaster, she meets the Tomlinson's, a family that's almost as crazy as she is. Together, they will rule the world!


5. Fizzy

"So, what was her name again?" Lottie asked me. We were walking home from school, and the twins were happily skipping ahead of us. What I wouldn't do to be youg again. I am young, but an eight year old has far less worries than a twelve year old.
"Genna-Jace." I replied.
"Right. Gosh, I just, I just feel so, so BAD for her, you know?" Lottie said. We were discussing the new girl, and we both felt horrible. She was obviously made fun of the whole day.
"MUMMY MUMMY WE'RE HOME! WE'RE HOME!" the twin cried, running into the house.
"Good, because I have been gettin VERY lonely!" I knew that voice anywhere!
"LOUIS!!!" my sisters and I cried, attacking our older brother.
"Niall!" Daisy hollered, hugging Louis' band mates legs. She's so cute, fancying Niall like that.
"Hello, adoring sisters!" Louis said expectantly
"Hello, Superbrother.@ I mumbled. Louis makes us call him that.

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