Harry and Brianna are happy together. It's been two years since they met at Starbucks, and both of them think it's forever. It seems like it. But what happens when Harry gets drunk and cheats, and Brianna gets in an accident? Will all be forgiven, or will these mistakes ruin everything? NOTE: This is non-famous.


3. That Night

Brianna's Point:

I watch Harry pull on his coat as he prepares to leave. ''Be careful.'' I tell him, kissing his cheek. He chuckles. ''Don't worry.'' Then, with that, he leaves. I sit on the couch and look for something to watch. I eventually fall asleep.

Harry's Point:

I had been at the club for 2 hours and I knew I was drunk. Louis sat with a girl across the club and I stood alone. Then, a thin, blonde girl walked up to me. ''Hey.'' she says. I start talking, '' Hey babe. You lookin' fine.'' I slur. She giggles. Then, she takes my hand and pulls me away. ''Wanna dance.'' she asks. ''Oh yeah.'' I replied. We dance for a while, then she takes me to the restrooms. ''I wanna do you.'' she says. I stare at her. ''Really?'' I ask and she nods. So, I push her against the wall and ''do'' her. She then takes me home.


I wake up with a headache. I turn and see a blonde girl laying next to me. I sit up, dizzy. I look and see I have no clothes on. What the hell did I do? I see the girl is naked as well. ''Shit.'' I mutter under my breath. I had sex with her. I pull on my clothes and rush out the door. I get in my car and drive home. I open the door and luckily, Brianna was asleep. I kiss her cheek. ''Hello'' she groggily says. I smile a huge fake smile. ''What's up.'' she asks. ''Nothing.'' I quickly say. She kisses my cheek and lays down. I'm safe for now. I know I should tell her, but I can't. I love her too much to lose her.

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