Harry and Brianna are happy together. It's been two years since they met at Starbucks, and both of them think it's forever. It seems like it. But what happens when Harry gets drunk and cheats, and Brianna gets in an accident? Will all be forgiven, or will these mistakes ruin everything? NOTE: This is non-famous.


4. Suspicions

Brianna's Point:

Harry looked nervous when I saw him this morning. Very nervous. I walked over to him in the kitchen. ''Harry. What's wrong.'' He spun around. ''N-nothing's wrong. Why are you asking?'' he frantically said. I shrugged, ''You seemed, I don't know, worried.'' He turned back to his breakfast. ''It's nothing.'' he muttered. I sighed and left. Maybe Louis will tell me. No, I don't wanna bother Harry. If nothing's wrong, I believe him. I trust him. I sat down down on the couch and flipped on the t.v. Harry walked in and sat next to me, his plate of breakfast on his lap. ''So, how'd you sleep?'' I asked, trying to forget about Harry's nervousness. He swallowed his food, ''Good enough.'' ''Did you sleep?'' ''A little.'' I sighed and stole a piece of bacon from his plate. ''Hey.'' he said, surprised. ''Thanks.'' I said nibbling on it. He rolled his eyes and bit his toast. ''What did you do last night?'' ''I slept on the couch.'' ''That's it?'' I nodded and finished the bacon. ''You?'' He swallowed, ''We had a few drinks and I think Louis hooked up with some chick.'' I giggle, ''That's Louis for ya!'' He nods, ''Other than that, nothing.'' I smiled and stood up, then walked to the kitchen. I grabbed some bread and smeared some peanut-butter on it, before plopping back down on the couch. ''What are you looking at?'' I asked Harry, who was scrolling through his phone. ''Nothing!'' He turned it off and tossed it on the table. ''Harry Edward Styles. What's going on?'' I asked, annoyed and worried at the same time. ''Nothing okay.'' he answered. Then walked off. I let out a huff, as the bedroom door slammed shut. I picked up his phone and unlocked it. 5 new messages. I selected it and my eyes filled with tears as I saw what he was hiding.

Harry's Point:

I slammed the door and pounced on the bed. I reached into my pocket for my phone. ''Dammit.'' I mumbled when I couldn't find it. I jumped off the bed and rushed to the living room. I saw Brianna sitting on the couch, my phone in her hand, tears were streaming down her face. ''H-Harry.'' she whispered. I backed up. ''No. Get the fuck back here.'' I sat next to her, ''I can explain-'' ''Explain what? The fact fact you fucking cheated on with some blonde bitch!?'' ''It wasn't like that!'' ''Oh yeah, listen to what she said. 'Hey Harry. I missed you this morning. Where'd you go?' and then there's, 'Sex last night was amazing.' Explain that you ass!'' She spoke between sobs. I frowned, ''I was drunk.'' ''That's no excuse! It's not like your brain disappears when you drink!'' I nod, ''Yes but listen-'' ''No, listen to me! I can't believe you cheated, and didn't even have the decency to tell me!'' I was breathing heavily. I spoke through gritted teeth. ''Listen. I was drunk out of my fucking mind. I wasn't thinking. I never should've went home with her.'' ''Home?! Yeah you're damn right shouldn't have. You wanna know why? Because now you've lost me!'' She rushed upstairs and I heard her slamming doors. She came back a full packed suitcase. ''You're a jack-ass Harry.'' She said walking to the door. I followed her, but she was opening it and walking outside. ''Goodbye.'' She said, tears flowed from her eyes. Then, the door slammed shut in my face. My fist pounded the wall. ''I'm a Fucking idiot!!'' I shouted, hitting my head against the wall.


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