Harry and Brianna are happy together. It's been two years since they met at Starbucks, and both of them think it's forever. It seems like it. But what happens when Harry gets drunk and cheats, and Brianna gets in an accident? Will all be forgiven, or will these mistakes ruin everything? NOTE: This is non-famous.


1. Flashback to Starbucks


Brianna's Point:

I wait in line to receive my drink. ''Here you go ma'am.'' the clerk says. I grab it and turn around. I run smack dab into someone, causing me to fall, spilling my drink. ''Ow'' I saw as my bottom hits the floor hard. I look to see my white cutoffs stained with coffee. ''Oh I'm sorry. You all right love?'' I hear above me. I look up and see a boy about my age looking down at me. ''Yeah, I guess.'' I say, standing up. He scans me over. ''Oh my god, look at your shorts!'' he says in shock. ''I'm so sorry.'' I shake my head. It's okay.'' I bend down and clean up my spill. When I stand up, he's at the counter. He comes back, my same order in one hand, and what I guess is his in the other. ''Here.'' he says, handing me the drink. I pull out the money to pay him back. ''No.'' he says. I put the money away and sit. He joins me. ''So. What's your name?'' he asks me. ''Brianna.'' I reply. ''You?'' he sips his drink. ''Harry.'' Then says, ''Tell me about you.'' I clear my throat and begin, ''My names Brianna Rachael Ames, I'm 18 years old, I have a part-time job at Forever 21, and.....that's it. Now you go.'' He starts, ''I'm Harry Edward Styles, I'm also 18, I have an older sister named Gemma, and I have a part-time job at Wal-Mart.'' Then, sips his drink again. Then grabs a napkin and a pen. He scribbles something down. '' Here's my number.'' he says, handing me the napkin. I do the same. ''Call me.'' he says. Then, he gets up and leaves.


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