Harry and Brianna are happy together. It's been two years since they met at Starbucks, and both of them think it's forever. It seems like it. But what happens when Harry gets drunk and cheats, and Brianna gets in an accident? Will all be forgiven, or will these mistakes ruin everything? NOTE: This is non-famous.


2. 2 Years Later

Brianna's Point:

I sat, remembering the day I met Harry. Why? Because it was two years ago. It's our anniversary. I sat on the bed, waiting for Harry to return. ''Hey Babe.'' I heard from the doorway. I looked up to see Harry swiftly enter the room, roses in hand. ''Happy anniversary!'' he yells, handing me the flowers. I take them, and replace the other flowers in the vase. ''Thanks Harry.'' I say, pecking him on the lips. ''I also got you something.'' I say, pulling out a box. He opens it, and his face lights up. ''Oh my god. How could you afford this?'' he asks shocked. I bought him a Rolex watch. ''I saved up.'' I tell him. He hugs me. ''Thank you so much.'' Then, pulls off. ''I have something else for you.'' he says. He opens a drawer next to him. He then hands me a box. I open it and my eyes tear up. It's a ring, with forever engraved on it. ''Harry. Thank you.'' He smiles. ''No problem.'' I lean forward and passionately kiss his lips. ''I love you.'' I whisper. ''I love you more.'' he replies. Then I kiss him again. Somehow, it turns into a full on make-out session. When we finish, Harry and I are staring into each others eyes. He breaks the silence with, ''That was fun.'' I can't help but giggle. Then, his phone goes off. ''Just a sec.'' he whispers, grabbing his phone and leaving the room. When he comes back, he asks me, ''Can I go out with Lou tomorrow?'' I nod and he jumps in the air excitedly. So childish. He gets back on the phone as he walks out. I sigh and lay down to take a nap.

Harry's Point:

''Bye Lou.'' I say as I hang up. We made plans to go for a few drinks. I walk back to the bedroom to see Brianna sleeping silently. I creep away to the living room. I switch on the t.v. and sit, playing on my phone. I get a text from Louis. I answer and we talk for a good 30 minutes. Then, he needs to go. I quietly walk to the bedroom, and slide in next to Brianna. ''Night babe.'' I whisper before falling asleep.

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