Obsessed With The Thought Of You. .

(One direction Love Story)

Avery Richards wanted nothing more then to fall in love.To be loved. She used to be called a good girl. That never happens anymore. Its just a little hard to be a good girl when dating a bad boy. Or in better words forced to.

"Pick the pieces off the floor,I don't want them anymore because I didn't break it, I just made every girls silly mistake"


2. Unexpected Visitor

"I HATE YOU"  I shouted back before slamming the door in my dads face.

I stumbled angrily down the drive way walking away from my house. I hate my dad. I wish my mom was still alive. If she never would of past away I wouldn't be here, I wouldn't have to live with him. I would still be living in America with all my friends, my old job and school. Most of all I wouldn't have to be here living with my alcoholic abusive dad. But i wouldn't have to live here much longer I will be starting university next month and Ill finally get away from him. I thought to my self as I walked along the side walk.

I didn't care where I was going, hell I didn't even know where I was. But it didn't matter, as long as I was far away from my dad as possible I was happy.

It seamed as if I almost blocked out my vision,  I was walking so fast not watching where I was going ,I had no clue where my angry feet were taking me. I've never been here before. It was pitch black and  hard to make out  what looked like a sign that said "Keep Out" but I only keep on walking.  Stupid me.

When I came up to a dark alleyway I quickly turned around as a big gust of wind hit my body making me shiver uncontrollably.  This place didn't look nice at all. I speed up almost ruining down the dark sidewalk. As the distance between me and the creepy alleyway increased I began slowing down ,My nerves calming. I quickly glanced around to make sure no one was there before continuing walking.

My thoughts were broken as I heard faint footsteps.  I stopped dead in my tracks looking around frantically the horrible thoughts in my mind getting to me. Still no one in site. My heart began pounding in my chest so loud you could hear it thumping if I wasn't breathing so loudly. I looked around once more just to make sure.

 My heart stopped my body shivered in fear as I saw a man far behind walking towards me. I couldn't make out his face only his tall skinny figure. I couldn't really tell his age but he couldn't be any older then twenty. As he walked faster growing closer I found myself ruining as fast as I could away. Footsteps getting closer and closer behind me.

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