Obsessed With The Thought Of You. .

(One direction Love Story)

Avery Richards wanted nothing more then to fall in love.To be loved. She used to be called a good girl. That never happens anymore. Its just a little hard to be a good girl when dating a bad boy. Or in better words forced to.

"Pick the pieces off the floor,I don't want them anymore because I didn't break it, I just made every girls silly mistake"


5. No Other Choice

"You really need to go Avery" Scarlett said sitting down at the end of my bed.

I hide my face under my pillow groaning loudly "Go away"

I've barley left my house in the last 2 days, scared of what might be outside. Ever since that night I haven't been able to get the stranger out of my mind, would he come back? I don't even have a clue what he looks like and in no way do I recognize his voice.

I don't want to risk encountering him again. Every time I think of the stranger which is all the time since that night I feel sick to my stomach.

Scarlet's voice broke the silence once more "here put this on and lets go." She laid the small black dress beside me.

I don't wont her to get an idea or concern that something is wrong  don't think I can tell her she might already have a clue that something is up considering I will usually take any chance I have to just leave my house even if its only for 5 minutes.

"Fine I'll go but when and if I want to leave please just go with it no questions asked."

"umm okay..."Scarlett answered unsure.

I made my way to the bathroom to change into the dress. Scarlett was already ready to leave she was now waiting on me and I had all the intentions on taking my time.

As we drove to "get together" I couldn't help but feel nervous. I'm not really the party type, just the thought of it made my palms sweat.

Scarlett looked over at me laughing "Av you really need to calm down, when we start university we will be going to these things all the time, I promise you'll be just fine" I smiled uneasy ,only if she knew the truth, only if she knew there was a sicko after me. 

"Yeah, it'll be great" I mumbled to myself praying this was not going to be as bad as I thought. Oh was I in for a big surprise.



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