Obsessed With The Thought Of You. .

(One direction Love Story)

Avery Richards wanted nothing more then to fall in love.To be loved. She used to be called a good girl. That never happens anymore. Its just a little hard to be a good girl when dating a bad boy. Or in better words forced to.

"Pick the pieces off the floor,I don't want them anymore because I didn't break it, I just made every girls silly mistake"


6. Innocent

As we walked into the house my stomach dropped.

This was no get together, this was a very large party, I looked over at Scar who had a massive grin plastered on her face. She returned the look giving me a sympathetic smile "Just give it a try" she yelled over the loud music already reading the doubtful thoughts that  going through my mind. I simply nodded my head in no mood to yell or argue.

"Greg's somewhere around here" she informed  standing on here toes looking through the crowd of teens." Lets find him" I gripped her hand desperately as she began walking though the sea of people. As I looked around people were dancing and drinking it was actually a bit frighting if you ask me.

We made it to a large table to the left of the room, there where six guys sitting around including scarlet's boyfriend. They were all drinking and laughing about something I'm probably better off not knowing.

When Greg saw Scarlet his face light up. "Baby, you made it" he quickly got up from his seat wrapping his arms tight around her. "Of course babe, wouldn't miss it"

Being around Scarlet and Greg always made me realize what I'm missing. The way he loved her was special, I wish I could share the same feeling with someone.

"Look I even brought Avery" she smiled pulling me closer.

"Hey Av, long time no see" Greg laughed pulling me in for a side hug. "Yeah,been busy packing and all" Greg nodded kissing scarlet's head wrapping  his arm around her waist.

He turned back around to face his friends who were sitting at the table. "Guys this is Avery, Avery this is Alex, Luke, Evan and Seth" He introduced going down the line. I smiled sweetly waving at the incredibly hot males sitting in front of me. They all nodded there heads and waved back.

"Wheres Niall" Greg asked, the guys shrugging there shoulders.

"Right behind you mate" I heard a voice behind. I quickly turned to revel a very sexy blonde . I looked up at him in awe, He couldn't be any older then 20, His eyes were memorizing the prettiest blue eyes I've ever seen, He was dressed in a plain black shirt, black skinny jeans and converse I didn't understand how perfect he could look wearing something so simple.

I didn't know I was staring until scarlet hit my arm "Stop drooling" she whispered snapping me out of my thoughts. I looked down at my feet shyly smiling hiding my red cheeks.

"Sorry dude, Niall this is Avery, Avery this is Niall" I looked up meeting his eyes. He smiled at me making me melt right there. He went and shook hands with the rest of the guys at the table grabbing a beer and sitting down. I couldn't help but feel a bit self conscious, I've known this guy for 30 seconds and already feel like I was going to explode. I looked over at Niall who already been looking at me. He looked me up and down with a cheeky smile winking. I once again looked down at my feet smiling  red creeping on my cheeks.

"Well now that you all know each other I'm going to go dance with my lovely girl" Greg announced pulling scar to the dance floor. She quickly turned around giving me a are you okay look . I nodded my head giving her a reassurance smile. Of course I didn't want to be here alone, but what could i say "No, don't go" I wanted her to enjoy herself. "Go have fun" she smiled giving me a hug " hes cute, you should go talk to him" she winked walking away with Greg.

I straightened out my dress, mentally thanking scar for picking out a tight dress, i finally get the courage to turn around sitting next to Niall on the couch.

He looked over at me with a grin "Might I say you look incredibly sexy in that dress" Niall mumbled taking a sip of his beer.

I smiled pushing my hair behind my ear " t-thanks" I mumbled my nerves getting to me. I whipped my sweaty palms on my dress while pulling it down. I never had really any luck with guys so I don't know how to react to this sort of attention without looking like a weirdo.

My body froze up as I felt his warm breath hit my neck.

"Your so innocent " he mumbled rubbing his hands up my thigh, his warm hands felling so right  on my cold skin. I whimpered out as he began kissing down my neck. I felt paralyzed, not knowing what to do.

"But I'll be changing that really soon"


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