Still The One

Melanie and Niall have been best friends since 1st grade. Niall alway had a crush on Melanie so did Melanie. Will they confess their love for eachother. This is one of the movellas for the 1shot41d contest


1. More than friends

Niall and me have been friends since 1st grade. Around 6th grade he started to act all weird around me. We had always seen each other over the summer, but this time it was diffrent.  The last day of school he didint show up. I tried calling him no answer. A whole summer passed  with me not knowing anything about him. Today was the first day of school in 12th grade. I got ready fast and drove to school. I saw some of my friends, but never saw Niall. I really wanted to see him, i missed him a lot. Thats when i saw five guys walking through the front door of school. I looked closely, Niall was with them. He didint even notice me when he passed by me and my friends. I cant believe him. I just started to talk to my friends again and tried to forget that. The bell finally rang for school to begin. I went to my first class and saw Niall and the other 4 guys in there. I just ignored them and went and took a seat far from them. My friend told me that the blonde one, which i figured it was Niall, was staring at me.

Then i turned around and saw that he was staring at me, but then he quickly looked away. The bell finally rang for 2nd period. I got stopped by someone. Then turned to see it was Niall with the other 4 guys. "Who are you what do you want you stalker?" "Mel, come on, i know you remember me. Best friends since 1st grade" "I dont think i remember you sorry". Then i pulled away, but again he pulled me by my wrist and turned me to face him. "Mel sorry i havent talked to you over the summer, is just that i auditioned for the X factor since you said you like how i sing" " But Niall i tought we were Best friends. You shoulve at least told me". He had a guilty look on his face. "Mel im sorry i didint tell you. i was really busy, these boys took my phone away and i tried calling you, but they never let me use the phone" "ok i forgive you bye" "Hold on are we still best friends?" "Yes, but never do that again Ni". He pulled me into a hug, and i hugged him back. I saw he had all of his classes with me. We went to a few classes then lunch came. We sat together at lunch, as always he ate my food. Then the lass class period came.

He sat next to me like always. I slept that whole class period, history. At the end of class Niall woke me up. "Mel wake up schools over" "Hmm what" "Schools over" "Oh then lets go". He followed me and walked me home. Sometimes Niall felt like my boyfriend instead of a best friend. I did love him.


I loved Mel, but should i tell her, what if she doesnt like me back and that makes ruins our friendship . Maybe i am going to tell her right now. "Hey Mel can i tell you something?" "Go ahead Ni" "Well sice 6th grade i umm, please dont hate me for this. I have always liked you". She stood frozen for a while then she spoke up. "Ni really? I have always like you to". Thats when a big smile appeared on my face, then my lips crashed onto hers. She kissed me back also. We stood there for about 5 minutes kissing on the street. Thats when we looked at each other smiling. Should i tell her to be mt girlfriend, im going for it. "Melanie, do you wanna be my girfriend?" "Yes Niall yes". I smiled and she hugged me i spun her around then kissed her. I forgot i was walking her home. I grabbed her hand and we holded them the rest of the way to her home. I was so happy. I couldnt believe she actually said yes. 


I was so happy that Niall asked me to be his girlfriend. He also loved me like i loved him. He was smiling all the way home, so was i. When we got home i kissesd him goodbye for the day. We talked to eachother by the phone also texted. I was the happiest girl in the world.

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