No ordinary love

When Rosie lands her dream job as a fashion blogger she is forced to move to London; leaving all of her friends and family behind. But happens when her father passes away, she thinks all is lost until she meets five guys who flip her world around, she befriends them and they all become close but wwhen Rosie starts to fall for louis, Niall becomes envious and will go all out to make Rosie fall for him. So will Rosie stay true to Louis or will one drunken night force her to change her mind.



5. unlikely encounter x

The next morning i woke up; my eyes sore and crusty from crying so much the night before, today i decided to go shopping to take my mind of my dad, i trudged out of bed and into the bathroom, washed my face and teeth then returned to my room. I opened my drawers and pulled out some comfy jogging bottoms and a vest top, i paired them with a black leather jacked at some sparkly converse, i walked into the kitchen and poured myself a bowl of cereal, once i had finished that i grabbed my bags and keys and headed out the door.

I walked to the nearest bus stop and waited for the bus, it eventually arrived and i hopped on, i sat down at the back and listened to music, well one direction to be precise ... then it clicked, one direction usually stay in London, i wasn't going to be a pervert fan and walk around town with binoculars and a camera, i'd just keep a look out, a low profile look out. The bus stopped and i got out and walked towards the large glass doors, i pushed open the heavy frame and walked towards the shops.

I first went in river island, then miss selfridge, boots, by this time i was surprisingly starving, i looked around and eyed up a Nandos on the corner, i walked in and got a table, i looked around and saw that the small shop was surprisingly empty, the waitress took my order and i waited for my food. I was on my phone playing temple run when a loud screaming noise made me look up, five guys entered followed by two large built guys in black, i watched all the screaming girls outside clawing at the window. My eyes looked back towards the boys, the one with blond hair stared back and nudged his friends, by this time they were all staring, i tried to cover my face with my hair, they started to walk over, mumbling to each other on the way ... and before i knew it they were sat with me eating my food, "oi!" i say teasingly, they all laughed that's when i noticed, they weren't just five normal guys it was one direction, "OMFG" i mumbled on my breath, "something wrong" Louis said, "no, fine .. just it's you, your one direction, ...i.iii...i just" they all chuckled "please dont fangirl, here" Harry said "i wont, dont worry", "sooo" Liam said .. things just got arkward.

Everyone was looking at us from outside, "ignore them" Zayn said, "i cant believe this is happening ... i'm just wondering but do you guys wanna come back to mine for a bit" they all looked at each other and nodded "sure" Lou said, you all got up and walked out, being escorted out more like .. you climbed into the black van and sat next to Louis, i notice him constantly at me, i'm quite self concious so i tried wrapping my arms around my body to hide "why do that your the most beautiful girl i have ever seen" Louis said against my neck, i looked at him and smiled, the rest of the journey back was in silence but it didn't take long before we arrived at mine.

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