No ordinary love

When Rosie lands her dream job as a fashion blogger she is forced to move to London; leaving all of her friends and family behind. But happens when her father passes away, she thinks all is lost until she meets five guys who flip her world around, she befriends them and they all become close but wwhen Rosie starts to fall for louis, Niall becomes envious and will go all out to make Rosie fall for him. So will Rosie stay true to Louis or will one drunken night force her to change her mind.



6. truth or dare x

We arrived at my house and clambered inside, the boys all piled on the sofa and i joined them. The body guards left us alone and arranged a time to pick up the boys. "so who goes first" harry said, "NIALL!!!!" i suggested "okay"he said shrugging "truth or dare" i said "urmm dare", i smiled mischeviously, "okay i dare you to run around the street ..... in your boxers", he looked a little self concious at this point but stripped down anyway all the boys ran out the door with him but Louis stayed with me, he nudged closer to me and looked me in the eye "you're so beautiful" he said, i smiled and locked eye contact with him, he started to lean towards me, i knew what was going to happen so i closed my eyes, i felt a pair of moist lips touch mine, our lips moved in sync, his arms round my neck, mine round his waist, i could feel his tongue begging for enterence, i gave in and he explored my mouth as i explored his, minutes later we heard the door open and we pulled away, he gave me a cheeky smile as all the boys came back in laughing.

Niall gave me the glares "okay Rosie your go" i gulped, "truth or dare", "dare" i said, "okay i dare you to strip tease for Louis" after what just happened this felt arkward, but i grabbed his hand and lead him to my room, i grabbed a chair and handcuffed him to it, i took a step back and pulled off me vest top and slid of my jogging bottoms, i was now in my underwear and sat on his knee i wrapped my arms around his neck, we locked eyes and i felt our lips meet again, the kiss was passionate and a bulge was pushing into my leg, i laughed "what" Louis said as he broke the kiss, "i can tell your turned on" you say, "oh, you do this to me" Louis now going red in the cheeks. I started to lap dance on him, he threw his head back in pleasure, i started to get turned on as well, i unzipped his trousers and pulled them down with his boxers, his length hit his stomach, as i grabbed it, louis struggled, trying to get out of the handcuffs. i rubbed his tip in my fingers, he moaned in pleasure,i was about to go further when someone knocked at the door, "you done yet" i heard Harry yell "yes coming" i yelled back, we got dresses in silence and went back down stairs, Louis still seriously turned on and the bulge in his trousers still huge, "wow Lou" Niall said, "who did that to you" Liam said laughing "what u on about" Louis said confused, zayn pointed to his trousers, and Louis looked down "shit!!" he mumbled, all the boys laughed and i just sat there embarrased and red in the face.

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