No ordinary love

When Rosie lands her dream job as a fashion blogger she is forced to move to London; leaving all of her friends and family behind. But happens when her father passes away, she thinks all is lost until she meets five guys who flip her world around, she befriends them and they all become close but wwhen Rosie starts to fall for louis, Niall becomes envious and will go all out to make Rosie fall for him. So will Rosie stay true to Louis or will one drunken night force her to change her mind.



2. the journey x

So the day has finally come, i woke up to a relatively warm April morning, the birds were singing and children playing out in the yard.I trudged to the bathroom and brushed my teeth; i have surprisingly always loved the taste of toothpaste, i then cleaned my face with my flannel and walked back across the hall to my room, i put my hair in a messy bun, not bothering to take much care and sat down at my make up table, i grabbed my liquid eyeliner from the side and defined my lids i then applied neutral eye shadow and finished with a coat of mascara, i smothered foundation over my face and topped it off with bronzer on my cheekbones, i really wanted to make a good impression as it was going to be my first day in London today, i pouted my lips and rubbed peachy lip gloss all over them.

Once i had finished my make up i then walked over to my drawers and flung out some clothes that may work, when i had finished narrowing down my choices their was a big pile of material on my bed, but then my eyes fell upon the most beautiful dress i had ever seen; it was probably knee length and was a retro pink colour with a neon ribbon belt as an accessory i slipped it over my head and fastened it up, it looked well paired with my black leggins i had chosen earlier, i prized my feet into some bright orange stilettos and made my way back downstairs, my dad was already up and was eating breakfast at the table and he had made me waffles, i sat across from him and began to eat my food, "you look so beautiful and grown up" my father said with a tear in his eye "thank you" i sheepishly responded.

After breakfast my dad helped me load up my car, it took us a while but we finally got there, i pushed the last bag into the passenger seat and climbed behind the wheel, "be careful, and ring me every night i'm always here" my dad said worryingly "don't worry dad i'm capable and i will", my dad kissed me softly on the cheek and shut the door, i waved as i pulled out the drive, this is a new chapter in my life that is beginning, and i cant wait.I eventually pulled up at my new flat, calling for help to assist take the bags to my room, the nice man kindly agreed and in the time of thirty minutes all my bags were in my room.

I said goodbye to the man and started to unpack, i had gotten about half way when my phone range "hello, "hi, this is the fashion directory" the woman said, "oh hello"i said, "we were just checking in to see when you would be able to start", "well if you don't mind" i started "i need to finish unpacking but maybe tomorrow", "okay then, we will check with you tomorrow" with that she hung up, i placed my phone on the side and continued unpacking, it took me another two and a half hours but i finally had officially moved in, i walked over to the kitchen area and pushed the microwave meal in... minutes later it beeped, i took it out and placed it on a tray, it didnt take me long to finish that, i peered out the window and realised it was going dark, so i drew the curtain, placed my empty food dish in the sink and walked towards my bedroom, i couldn't be bothered to brush my teeth tonight or wash my face so i just dozed off, ready to start work in the morning.

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