No ordinary love

When Rosie lands her dream job as a fashion blogger she is forced to move to London; leaving all of her friends and family behind. But happens when her father passes away, she thinks all is lost until she meets five guys who flip her world around, she befriends them and they all become close but wwhen Rosie starts to fall for louis, Niall becomes envious and will go all out to make Rosie fall for him. So will Rosie stay true to Louis or will one drunken night force her to change her mind.



7. Late night party x

It had been a while since my visit from the boys and well lets say experience with Louis and i was starting to miss them, i didn't have much to do as of the payed leave i was given off work for my fathers death. My phone bleeped, it was from Louis "you free tonight to come to a party?", i dialed his number and waited ... "hey ro", "hiya, about the party, sounds good", "that's amazing ill pick you up at ten", "okay ill see you then", "bye", "bye", i hung up and slouched on the sofa, what was i going to wear ?, what was i going to do if things got serious ?, my mind on overdrive. I decided to go have a shower because Louis would be here in two hours, and it takes me ages to get ready, i hopped in the shower and washed my body and hair, i got out the shower and dried my hair, by this time i only had an hour so i  quickly curled my hair, i was going for danielle's style. I slipped into a skimpy black dress and waited for Louis downstairs.

About thirty minutes later the doorbell rang, "it's me" i heard Louis call from outside ,"coming"



to be continued ............................

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