No ordinary love

When Rosie lands her dream job as a fashion blogger she is forced to move to London; leaving all of her friends and family behind. But happens when her father passes away, she thinks all is lost until she meets five guys who flip her world around, she befriends them and they all become close but wwhen Rosie starts to fall for louis, Niall becomes envious and will go all out to make Rosie fall for him. So will Rosie stay true to Louis or will one drunken night force her to change her mind.



4. it's your dad .... x

I walked out of the tall building and made my way to subway ... i'm starving, it was quiet so i got my food quick, i sat in the corner and munched on my sandwich, my phone bleeped, it was from my Aunty Helen "your dad has fallen ill and he is getting worse, you may want to ring him hun love Aunty H x" i grabbed my bag and ran back to my flat i was too anxious to get a taxi back, i flung open the front door and plunged myself onto the couch, i dialed my dads number and waited .. "hello" a croaky voice answered "dad what happened!!...i'm really worried", "it's okay i.i" i cut him off "no it's not okay .. tell me!!", "i was about to.. i was out in the park and i went to get a ball that had rolled out of the children playing with it's reach and..", "AND!!" i said sharply "and... i was involved in a hit and run, i lost quite a lot of blood and a couple of blows to the head, the doctor says i may not have long to live", by this time i was crying .. hard, "but...but how do i cope without you" i said between tears "you will be o ........................." i heard a load beeping noise and the sound of rushing feet "DAD!!, DAD!!" i yelled down the phone, i heard a voice clear "hello, is this miss Howard" "yes", "well your dad has just unfortunately passed away ...." "what, what" i reply tears forming in my eyes "i'm deeply sorry" the woman on the phone said before hanging up.

I led on the sofa for most of the night trying to get into my head that i now don't have any "proper" parents, their is no point ringing my mum ... she wont give a shit, she never does. I finally made myself something to eat and trotted off to bed, that night i practically cried myself to sleep.

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