What have i done wrong?

She is only 17 years and the bullying does not stop her. what do you do when no one listens? Her name is Lizabeth Styles (Lizzy) and yes, she is harry styles younger sister. She is bullied at school and everything is crap. But what happens when she finds love, dare to stand up to bullies, would her life work out? and what happens when she gets a nasty letter home as turning up and down on her whole world....This is her story.


5. prom.

" wow " i Said and looked at myself. Is this me? I was, beautiful? How?
” You are really beautiful Lizzy!" Niall Said and blushed. " Thank you Niall! I said and smiled. This was me? oh god.
” so, are you happy?” Harry asked me. ” Yeah!” i said an smiled the biggest i could. Harry and the guys went down to sit in the car. "Lizzy hurry, we will be late if We don`t hurry!" Harry screamed and I hurried down all the stairs but it was hard to run in such a great dress. I walked to them. I could not walk in heels so it probably looked pretty funny. "I can help you!" said Niall and held my arm in case I fall. "Thanks again," I said, blushing.

When we arrived at the car Harry opened the door and I stepped inside. It hurt in my stomach. I was really scared to get there and see everyone staring at me. I was not ready for it! i promise! "Harry i don`t have a Date!" I wisperd to him. " i Know" he said and looked out through the window. "We have thought of that!" he mumbled. " who? We?" I asked Harry. He dosen't response. "Harry" i Said again. " sorry, your only choice is to go with one of us. if you want one of us!" He Said and the boys blushed "You don`t have any costumes?" I said and everyone stared at Niall. "Niall have!" Zayn said and grinned. harry smiled."seriously?" I asked niall. "Yes, I celebrated my grandmother 99 birthday yesterday and my suit is left in the car," he said and smiled at me."So Niall Will you go with me?" I asked him. I looked down at the ground. Of course he doesen`t want to go with me-I said in my mind, but was interrupted. I was expecting that he would just say no. "It would be an honor!" Niall said with a sweet smile. "Seriously?" I asked cheerfully. ”"Of course! I would not say yes if I not wanted to go with you!" he said.

#Nialls p.o.v.#

When we arrived Louis opend the car door for us and we stepped out. Harry took my arm and we walked to the side. "What Harry?" I asked. "Niall you need to promise to not to fall in love with Lizzy!" he told me and I nodded. ” i promise Harry!” i said to him. I took on my costume and Harry helped me put things on the right place on a toilet. yes, there was no other place. We went back.

"Nervous?" I asked Lizzy and she smiled. her smile, I died inside. "Yeah, pretty much!" she said and laughed. "Anyway, if it is something I am with you the whole time!" I said and I got butterflies in my stomach. She smiled. She hugged Harry and we said goodbye to the boys. We began to go up against the big plant where the ball would be. She held my arm as she walked up the stairs so she would not fall. I laughed, she really never had gone in heels before. "Do not laugh" she said serious and she started laughing at herself. " Omg, I promise look like a hippo" she said. " No you don't! You look beautiful!" I Said to her. She looked a bit more happy. When we came up to the door, I opened for her and we went inside. Her expression changed when she saw everyone inside. "What is it?" I whispered to her. she pointed to a girl from a distance with long curly brown hair and brown eyes big. "What is it with her?" I whispered and she pulled me close to her. she hid her face toward my chest. the girl came to us. "What's her name?" I asked Lizzy. "Mary!" she said fast
” is that the girl who bullies you?” i asked. She didn`t answer. ”Lizz?!” i said serious and looked at her. ”I'm thirsty” she said and hid her again. " I can go and get something to drink, if you want!” i said. ” yeah do that!” she said scared. ” I'm coming soon" I said and went to a bar a short distance away.


#Lizzy's p.o.v.#

"Ha, so you came at last!" mary said and walked to me. "Mary, let me alone, go away!" I Said to her. After 2 seconds, her gang come over to us. "Nice dress you have, that you even got a date!" A girl Said nasty to me. ” Thank you! im happy to see you too!” i said and tried not to show myself weak in front of them." leave me alone! " i Said and tried to walk away. "Do you know that you look terrible," said another girl. ” You too” i said angry. "So who are you here with?" Mary asked. "Em, Niall" I said and tweaked my dress . "From One Direction?" a girl with blonde hair asked. "Mm" I mumbled. "How would he like to go with you? he has much better class of girls!" said Mary, laughing maliciously. I did not know what to say. "And who has done you`r hair? Pig!" she said and continued to say a lot of nasty comments. ” Shut up” i said. it was not a good idea to come here, and wiped away a few tears. "You are even ugly when you have make-up," said one girl. ”ok” iresponded. "Lizzy, baby just believe that it is we who is leading at this school. Everyone hates you. if I would say that everyone should hate. they would so do they! I have the power, you fucking whore! Said Marry and I ran away.

I wanted to go home.  I turned around and ran into niall. "Lizzy, what happened?" he asked and I just hugged him. i cried on his shoulder "Lizzy, talk to me!" he said and I looked up. My makeup was smeared all over my face and my eyes were bloody red. "They said things Niall!" I sobbed and he took my arm and we went to the toilet. He helped me remove my makeup. "Thank you" I said and he became more serious. "You have to tell someone! you can`t have it like this anymore!" he said and I was ashamed. "Mm, yeah you have right" I replied. "Lizz, look at yourself, you are really beautiful girl and I'm really glad I got to go here with you today! do you understaind that?" He Said and looked in My eyes. I took a deep breath and smiled. "Thank you! i understaid" I said.

We went out from the toilet and we walked into the ballroom. We had never come so far that we had time to go in there. When we went in, I heard a 'wow' and I looked at the guy who said it and smiled. "Who is it?" I heard someone whisper. A song went on. ” Dace with me Niall” i said happy. "Lizzy, I can`t dance!" I said quietly. "sh, take your one hand on my hip and the other in my hand." I Said and looked up on him. He laughed. " 1, 2, 3 and 1, 2, 3" I counted and Niall followed my steps. I looked up at him. He was so beautiful. No stop Lizzy! He is just he because you needed Someone. Not something Else. "What are you thinking?" he asked me. "Yo- ga, good for my health " I said and blushed. I was completely red in my face. " oh, that`s fun!" He Said and smiled. " yeah!" i said awkwad. We danced for more than 2 hours. and it was wonderful. I looked to the side and everyone stared at us. "Niall" I whispered to him. "Yes?" he whispered back "everyone is staring at us!" I said and he smiled. "Think that it's just you and me here" he said ” I can`t” i said and looked down.
” Lizzy just look in my eyes! i know ou can!” he said, and he spun around me. I laughed and i forgot everyone else. "You have beautiful eyes!" I said and immediately became quiet. "Haha thank you, you too!" he said and smiled to Me. He spun me around once and then the music stopped.

"Today, let's see who has become the prom queen and the prom king" said a girl named Mindy, she was a student council representative. She had an envelope in his hand and opened it."And prom prince 2013 is.......Erik least" she said, and I sighed. The school`s most popular guy, of course. "And the prom queen is.......Mary Dusth" she said and I sighed. "Come we go Niall” I said and took his arm. Mary went up on stage and whispered something to Mindy."Mary will apparently have an acceptance speech!" mindy said sourly. "I would like to thank my mom, my dad and my best friends!" said Mary, and all looked unattractive on her. Why should she win? she was not worth it! ”BUUUUUUUUU MARY SHOULD NOT WIN! " a guy Shouted " Well” Mindy said scared. ” LIZZY STYLES SHOULD WIN!  "another girl screamed, and I got a smile on my face. "it's we who should get to decide!” shouted a girl. "NIALL AND LIZZY, LIZZY AND NIALL, LIZZY AND NIALL"  people begain to scream, and I turned around. "Eh, and now?" said Mindy. "Vote! VOTE! VOTE!" someone screamed. "Okay people who vote for Erik and Mary raise your hand," she said, and only Mary and 7 other raised their hands. "And who vote for Lizzy and Niall" she said, and all covered up their hands. ” I am the winner!” Mary said angry.” Not that bitch!!” she said and pointed at me.

"Welcome up Lizzy and Niall" Mindy said, and we went up on the scene. "Congratulations," Mindy said and smiled. After the prom was over and I and Niall walked out. "The guys said they would put a car in the parking lot!" Niall said and went we went to an Audi. Niall opened the door for me and I sat down. Then he went around the car and put himself in the car too. He put on the engine and backed out.  Niall put the radio on and he started to sing on stay with Rianna.
 I really had forgotten what an incredible talent he had. tonight he had been anyone and I had not thought of that he was famous. ” I really like this song!” i said and without the thought of it, I started to sing along. ” Me, too” he said and we sang together, Uncover with Zara Larsson came on when I started singing to myself. "I have not heard this before!" niall said and I smiled at him. "She is a Swedish singer: she is really good!" I said to him and began to sing. "That` s When we uncover, cover, cover, that `s When we uncover, cover, we can build a universe right here, all the words can dissapear, would you know? Would you care?" I sang. "You are good Lizzy!" he told me. "Sure!" I said ironically, and we saw the driveway to our house

When we arrived, I opened the door and stepped out. ”You don`t want to go in with me?" I asked Niall. "No me and boys would meet at Nandos" he said and smiled. "Em Niall, I just want to thank you for a wonderful evening, I have not had this much fun in a long time" I said and walked to him to give him a hug. "I had really fun Lizz!" he said and smiled. Niall was about to sit in the car. "You forgot something!" I said fast " What?" he asked and i ran up and kissed him on his cheek.
He smiled. "That!" I said, blushing. He smiled eaven more and sat down in the car. He started the engine and drove away. I ran up to the house and closed the door quickly when I had entered I slid down the wall with a big smile on my face. " LIZZY? is that you" i heard harry scream. " Harry why are you not on Nandos?" I screamed back. "I have bad news!" He shouted.

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