What have i done wrong?

She is only 17 years and the bullying does not stop her. what do you do when no one listens? Her name is Lizabeth Styles (Lizzy) and yes, she is harry styles younger sister. She is bullied at school and everything is crap. But what happens when she finds love, dare to stand up to bullies, would her life work out? and what happens when she gets a nasty letter home as turning up and down on her whole world....This is her story.


4. It`s a new beginning

I felt horrible after seeing harry so tear eyed. I checked out the hall and everything was absolutely really quiet. After I went back to my bed i put on my computer. It came up twitter and facebook. i didn`t want push the buttom to facebook. there i would see what people had write about me today. But I pressed., yeah i did. It's hard to let it go and for example, remove every account, that would mean everything, but I want to know what they are saying about me. Even if it's just nasty stuff. It hurt to read things about myself. What they had written today was mostly:

"Go and die Lizzy, nobody likes you"
"fucking pig! Haha ugly bastard"

The last thing hurt me the most, it really hurt me. I don`t look like harry. I am little bigger than him! not much but little! But who cares? Well they do! and they can go and shoot themselves! in all seriousness, I'm happy with myself, usually. when they fail to depress me. Was not it time to speak up soon? I stood up and walked over to my mirror. Was I fat? what did I just say to myself? I shed a tear. I don`t wanna be like this! it must be that, I'm fat! otherwise they not keep on with me. There must be something wrong, my butt, breasts, it was my hair, my glasses and braces? I mean, I look normal? In my age all have it, and it's no wonder at all! But apparently it's something with me. I never have any friends, if i had they would listening to all the rumors about me or they just want to be with me Because I'm Harry Styles sister. Wait. I must stop this. what I say to myself? Now it is i who depresses myself.

I went out from my room and towards harrys room. I heard how he cried. He was sitting on the bed with the face to the window with his elbows on his knees and looked out. I took a deep breath. "Harry?" I said and he turned around completely devastated. His eyes were completely bloodshot red. "I wanted to apologize for everything I said!" I said and sat down next to him.  he hugged me. "I want to apologize for not always be here for you, I'm often gone. I will always be for you! And you should know that you are so special! You are my own sister Lizz, I have only one sister and I love you so much! "he said and hugged me tightly. I shed a few tears.

"Harry you to know that I love you so much and all I said was not meant for you! There were just so much feelings who came together, I can`t take it and I'm tired of having it like this," I said with tears. "You must promise me that you never will disappear Lizz!" said Harry. "I promise Harry, I will never leave you!" i said and hugged him again. "Come!" he said, took my hand and stood up after we had hugged. we went to my room. We stood in front of my mirror. "What can you see?" he said and I checked. "A bit plump girl with brown hair, braces, black glasses, blue eyes, and not very beautiful!" I said and looked down at my feet. "Look up!" he said and I looked up. "I can`t that you see!" Harry said and took my hand. "I have an idea!" harry said, grinning. "What?" I said and check on him. "You have prom tomorrow, Right?" he said. "Aah, but I will not go! i don`t have a dress" I said, determined. Harry looked at me, "the time is 22 o'clock in the evening so you might be sleeping! However, I have a surprise tomorrow, because there is no school!" said Harry, and went out of my room. I was a bit confused easily but I did as he said and put on my pajamas. i put me in my bed. I turned off the light and be multiplied sleep.

#The next morning#
I don`t woke up really quiet can i say. Harry and Niall come in and turn the pans "WAKE LIZZY IS A NEW DAY, WAKE UP!" they scream and pull off my blanket. Oh, how I wanted to beat them but it didn`t. I went with courage down to the kitchen and ate breakfast that Liam had done for me. I ate quickly and were then forced to run up and get dressed. "HURRY UP LIZZY!" Harry shouted and I came down the stairs. "What shall we do?" I asked, but Harry just took my arm and pulled me towards the car past all the fans who stood outside our house. "But chill out!" Hary said when someone pulled my hair. We sat in the car and they began driving. "Seriously boys where are we going?" I said a little uneasily. "Take it easy Lizzy, you will love it!" Niall said and smiled a cute smile.

When the car stopped, we were without a large shopping center, "what are we doing here?" I said with large eyes.
"We're going shopping!" Harry said, smiling. He took my arm and we went inside. "You take some things and we will meet here in 15, you can get bob if you want!" said Harry. I laughed, "okay, I'm fine!" I said and laughed even more, but became quiet when I saw how fit Bob was. ” seya boys!” i said and walked to the girl area and found some clothes, the rest of the day went really fast, we got my braces of and I got behind my teeth, I got the lenses, we bought a wonderful nice dress, lou Teasdale got my makeup and my hair. Harry had removed the mirror so I don`t could see how I looked. When I was finished, Harry took his hands in front of my eyes and we went to the mirror. I was shaking. "1, 2, 3.....4, 5," the boys said and harry took away his hands. I opened my eyes....

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