What have i done wrong?

She is only 17 years and the bullying does not stop her. what do you do when no one listens? Her name is Lizabeth Styles (Lizzy) and yes, she is harry styles younger sister. She is bullied at school and everything is crap. But what happens when she finds love, dare to stand up to bullies, would her life work out? and what happens when she gets a nasty letter home as turning up and down on her whole world....This is her story.




” Wait, WHAT?” Liam said loud. ”Don`t shout Liam! someone can hear us" I said and took my hand over his mouth. ”Oh sorry!” He said and i giggled. "But what do you mean Lizzy?" he said and took my hand away. "I'm bullied in school...I have been that since harry became famous, it sucks” I said quietly, it was as if I was ashamed to say that."You must tell Harry!" Liam said and stood up from the couch. "I can`t do that Liam! and you know it!" I said and looked down into my lap. ” Lizzy i actually know what it is, I was bullied when I was in school. I do not know how anyone would do that to you! You're a wonderful person! he said and smiled. i smiled back. ” Thanks Liam!” i said and hugged him.

”Can I tell Him? Liam asked and put his hand on my shoulder. I nodded ”Don`t make him too angry! i hate to see perople angry and i can`t deal with it” I said fast and ran up to my room. I threw myself on my bed. Soon harry will start screaming. I am that type of a person who is afraid of the world. I hate when people gets angry and I'm really sensitive. What had I done? I regretted that I told Liam.

"WHAT THE HELL YOU MEAN?" I heard Harry scream. "And now it begins" I said to myself tired. I heard Harry barging up the stairs with angry steps. He opened my door with a big bang.

” LISABETH BLUE STYLES!” harry screamed. ” What do you want harry Edward Styles?” i saud under my blanket.
"WHY HAVE YOU NOT TOLD TO ME ABOUT YOU BEING BULLIED IN SCHOOL, LIZZY?" he shouted, and I hid myself under my blue blanket. He pulled it off and I did not know what to say.
” Hi harry!” i said and smiled.

"WHY HAVE YOU NOT TOLD ME!?" he said with tears in his eyes. "I do not want to talk about it Harry!" I said derpressed. "WHAT DO NOT WANT TO TALK ABOUT? I DON`T UNDERSTAND YOU?" he shouted at me completely desperate. "Yeah, I do not want to make you worry. but I don`t not want to talk about it." I said and looked down into my lap. "I COULD HAVE FIXED THIS FOR A LONG TIME AGO!" He screamed, and it came tears in his eyes...

"I don`t want your fucking help I can handle myself, as always." I shouted to him in his face. "Everything will be better for you Lizz, do you not think so?!” he said and i looked in his eyes. ”You slow?" he shouted. ” NO I DON`T THINK SO! I DON`T THINK SO HARRY” i screamed. ”Lizz” he said silent. "Harry i don`t have any friends and who the hell cares about me? NO ONE" I said angry. ” I DO and i can help you! you should not be bullied in school!” he screamed ”I don`t want your help and your fucking money! I want a normal life and i only wish this never happened, I hate your fans they send hate to me thats  feels more than all the things in school does. Nobody loves me, everyone loves you, you are the angel! but you just loves yourself, the guys and your fans! I HATE YOU HARRY YOU`R FUCKING MORON!!"
 I yelled angrily against him and I saw his tears started to flow more and more down his face." Harry-I" I began, but did not continue. He looked at me with a life loose look "if that's what you want." he said to me and walked out of my room. I had screw everything up. omg...

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