What have i done wrong?

She is only 17 years and the bullying does not stop her. what do you do when no one listens? Her name is Lizabeth Styles (Lizzy) and yes, she is harry styles younger sister. She is bullied at school and everything is crap. But what happens when she finds love, dare to stand up to bullies, would her life work out? and what happens when she gets a nasty letter home as turning up and down on her whole world....This is her story.


2. Broken.

" Leave me alone!" i scream and tried to pull me away from their grasp. "You are so pathetic Lizzy, no wonder you have no friends, mom and dad. No wonder they died in a car crash. They are ashamed over you. You only have your brother, your brat" Mary said and spat at me . "Do not bring up my mum and dad, you know nothing." I said and kicked against her leg. "I would not be surprised if Harry and the others just leave you. You don`t get it? nobody likes you!" she said and laughed. I was boiling inside. that bitch. "I told you you were pathetic," she said and hit me in the face, right on the nose. It hurt...but this happens to me all the time! I was used to this! a common thing that happens at school and it was always Mary and her gang of girls how wanted to be like her...


I felt on my nose and it ran blood. Mary's friends released me and I ran the fast i could to the toilet. Leave me alone? why could they don`t just leave me alone? I screamd in my head. I put on the tap and washed of my face that had become quite bloody. My tears began to flow. I can`t take this much more! Will this happen to me every day for several years? Okay, I'm 17, but still a! Think of that makes me sick. I had no one except Harry. even the little he. Okay, the boys but none near. When I had washed all of my whole face and it had stopped bleeding, I went to my locker. I took out my things. I could not be there anymore, NO MORE PAIN! never more, plus I only have one class left, I took my things and went towards the door.



# Later at home #

I raised my key out of my backpack and unlocked the door. When I got inside the door, took off my coat and shoes. "Lizzy!" I heard a voice shout. I hurried up the stairs. But I did not get far than Harry stood up at the end of the stairs. "Why are you home so early?" he asked, but I did not answer. I just tried to go past him. "Lizzy reply! I know you have not finished yet!" he said and looked into my blue eyes. "Harry let me be alone” I said and moved aside with which he too ." Tell me now Lizzy! look at me, what happened?" he asked. Why did he not understaind that I don`t want to answer his stupid questions? "Harry leave me alone! You are not my daddy! Our father is dead. Mother too, Realize that it's just us and one day it will just be me!" I screamed in his face angrily. "I would not be surprised if it's just you, nobody wants to be with you when you act like this!" he screamed at and just walked past me and down the stairs. I got tears in my eyes. He said that Mary and he knows not fucking give a shit about how I have it in school. I started crying and ran to my room. I threw myself on the bed and cried myself to sleep.


# The next morning #

I woke up with the sun shining into my eyes.  Good a new day. ”i am so happy” I said to myself sarcastically. I really didn`t want to go to school so I sneaked into the bathroom and took out mouth thermometer. I sat on the water faucet and filled my mouth with water. after a while I stuck the thermometer in my mouth. My plan worked, the temperature went up. when it had gone up to the temperature that I wanted, I took it out and spat the water out of my mouth. I went down to the kitchen "Harry, I have-" I stopped when I saw that he made breakfast. ”How are you Harry, you are sick!?” i said and laughed. "Hey Lizzy!" Niall said with a happy smile. "What do you want, Lizzy!" said Harry angrily to me. "I have a fever!" I said and raised one eye brow while I watched what he did. Harry sighed. "But me and the guys will be home today!" he said. ” harry i can`t help it?” i said.

# Harrys P.O.V. #
what was wrong with her? I looked at her that she was not sick, she just wanted to be home. so I did not really know what I would do. "And?" she said sarcastically and walked to the living room. "Man, you have to pocket your siblings problems” Zayn said and came into the kitchen. ”Yeah i know Zayn” i said to him.
Zayn nodded ”You look pretty high Zayn" I said grinning." Shut up harry "he said and sat down at the table." Are you going to talk with her?" Zayn asked me." Yes Zayn I will, I have not the same relationship that you have with your siblings! it's complicated" I said acidic and opened the fridge to find an apple." I do like Harry, you do not know how much I've been out with my siblings but now we're really close "he said and rolled my eyes after I had got hold of my apple. "Zayn everyone is not as perfect as you" I said acidic and walked out of the kitchen and toward Liam's room. he was still asleep.

"Liam awake up," I said and pushed on him. "Liam wake up! I need someone to talk to!” I said and sat down in his bed." What's the matter now harry? Someone new girl again, Taylor?" He murmured and pulled the covers higher up his body." I do not know what to do with Lizzy, I think something has happened but i dare not ask. She will be very angry! "I said and looked down on my knees" Harry little boy, I can talk to her, I know you've had it hard but you have to fix you`r sibling relationship" said liam and watched with one eye at me. "I know!" I said hopelessly. ” Let me sleep first harry!” he said and i walked out.


#Lizzy`s P.O.V.#

Since our parents died, Harry is not the old happy and flirty Harry Styles. He was not laughing and is not happy at all. The only thing he cares about is himself, the guys and the fans but his sister will last. if it is anything, so I am always his final choice.. It was getting so when I stopped talking to him, siblings talk. I need some time with just him and no one else, not the fans, not guys. so many teenagers wish they were me, but I wish I just had a normal life, no one direction. It sounds right selfish but I miss my normal life. i want that someone who cares about me, like my mam and dad, they always understind me! and know I am loved by someone. I don´t want to fight with harry my whole life!

Liam came and sat beside me on the couch. "Can you give me some advice Lizzy?" he asked and I looked towards him. "What do you want help with?" I asked, smiling. "I have thought of to give Dani a gift, what should I buy?" he said shyly. "Okay liam, no chocolate and flowers, it works but give her something special that she will never forget! like a song or a necklace" I said. "Thanks for the tip" he said and smiled. "So how are you these days, you've been a bit grumpy and not in the mood!" he said. What would I say? Well liam I get bullied at school? It felt strange but I knew I could trust him. "Come closer," I said and he moved and I whispered, "I get bullied at school ...."

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